Dollar Tree Craft Idea for Spring!

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I’m always on the hunt for wonderful Dollar Tree craft ideas. Especially using items that can be transformed into amazing home decor! Last week I wandered into the floral isle looking for some inexpensive flowers to sprinkle around my booth. Dollar Trees bright, fake flowers give dreary booths a spring feel. That’s when I spotted them! These adorable little succulents.

To be honest, I remember Dollar Tree having succulents last year but I didn’t think they looked that great. This year they have a variety of colors and shapes and they look a lot nicer. I was impressed.

I wanted to use them in the booth to add color in bins and boxes, so I grabbed a bunch.

As serendipity would have it, I was out junking and found a cute bench candle holder. Right away my mind flashed on the succulents. I knew there was a Dollar Tree craft project in my future!

Spring Dollar Tree Craft Idea!

The little votive holder is cute. It would be cute with candles in it but I don’t burn candles anymore. Not after a nosey cat burned the whiskers off one side of his face. I no longer have open flames in my house so candle holders now serve other purposes.

I went back to Dollar Tree and picked up a package of their moss. Which strangely has two pinecones in it. Why? Who knows they weren’t what I was after anyway. I wanted the green moss.

What I wanted was just the green bits to line the voitives.

I am jumping the gun a little though. The first thing that had to happen was the thrift store bench votive holder needed a bath.

I don’t think I’ve ever picked up anything from the thrift store that didn’t need a good cleaning. This little guy was no exception. There was a fine layer of something greasy coating the whole thing. Wax residue maybe?

Whatever it was Dawn dish soap made short work of it. Now it’s all clean and shiny!

Once the clean up was finished, I decided which succulents would look best with this little bench. It was time to get started on my Dollar Tree Craft!

It would have been convenient if the container the succulents came in were round and fit inside the existing holes. But it was a square peg situation so I had to remove the succulent from it current pot.

Lucky for those of us who want to craft with them they aren’t glued in very well at all. Once I pulled a corner away from the pot the who thi


As you can see the base is just a white Styrofoam that isn’t very attractive. So I line the votive cups with the moss so you wouldn’t see any of that mess.

Initially I thought I would cut the styrofoam down and then just tuck the moss in around it.

That was an epic fail. It made a huge mess. No matter how I tried to tuck moss around the base and hide the white it kept peeking through. Believe me when I say I wrestled with this way longer than I really should have before I got smart.

Ultimately, I decided to pull the who succulent out of the foam stem and all.

I packed the moss as densely as I could in the votives. Then I arranged the succulents so they had their best side forward.

This chair turned out so cute! For a hot second my husband thought they were real until he remembered I don’t have a green thumb. Of course since I bought my bench at a thrift store it will be hard for you to get the same look. Unless you are lucky enough to own this candle holder. You can get a similar look with this Retired Jackal Beach Chair votive holder on Amazon.

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Now you’ll be looking at votive holders with new eyes! I’ve seen so many adorable little candle holders that would be perfect to hold a few succulents. I can’t wait to make more and give my decor a little pop of color.

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Many blessings to you!

Dollar Tree Craft Idea for Spring!

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