Easy, Budget-Friendly Fall DIY Centerpiece

Do you love to decorate seasonally, but find some seasons do not work with you decor palette? This quick, easy and cheap DIY brings fall to your living spaces without compromising your aesthetic style.
When it comes to seasonal decor, I just love the fall. The rich spicy aroma of fall potpourri, the lovely visual cues of autumn imagery, the suggestion of homey comforts for the coming cold weather, it really sums up everything I love about home decor. But the one thing that's a challenge when it comes to fall decorating is working with colors that don't fit with my typically soft palette. To solve this dilemma I came up with a solution that I return to year after year, here utilized in an easy, budget-friendly fall DIY centerpiece.
This really is the simplest of projects and can be completed quickly in an afternoon. I've been known to enjoy decorating with food, so I started with a trip to the grocery store to buy the most interesting gourds in varied sizes and shapes.
I like to add in some mini white pumpkins for their soft creamy tones and their unmistakable message that Thanksgiving is near.
The most essential part of making this arrangement a success is assessing the colors in your home and the hues of the season and then marrying those palettes in a harmonious blend. My den is centered around creamy whites and pale yellow with blushy rose and gold accents, so there was no way it would sit well with the traditional rusts and browns so common in the fall. Given that, I simply painted the gourds the colors I wanted, maintaining a tie to autumn but working well with my style.

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