Easy, Fun Craft for 2 and Up

10 Materials
45 Minutes
Hi, my name is Susan. I have five precious grand babies who know me as MeeMee. They are growing up too quickly. The same babies that cried when they had to leave MeeMee and Papa's house, are now busy with sports, friends, homework and even college for my oldest baby. So, that leaves less time for me. I always planned special crafts for my grand babies when they were younger. I really miss creating treasures with them. Well, we recently had a pergola built. I saved a wheel barrel full of lumber scrapes thinking hmmm, I know I can use those for something. This is the beginning of how we used the scrap lumber.
Lumber scraps or Hidden treasures, hmmm?
We began by choosing pieces of the leftover lumber we thought would be right for our "fall" project.
Some of the pieces, like this one had to be cut. We drew a straight line with a ruler on the wood and I used a chop saw to cut off the part not needed. Some of the wood was okay to use without cutting, since we were not particular about exact shapes.
After the woods pieces were chosen, spray paint was used to paint all sides. The grands chose the colors they thought best represented fall to them. I also had saved some old rounds from a very rotten chair and we picked up twigs in the yard. They were hot glued on for the stem. We did use Gorilla wood glue on a couple, but decided wait time was too long.
Ash working on her project for her mom.
After the girls glued the stems on, they twisted different color pipe cleaners to add vines to their stems. Next they hot glued, faux fall leaves to the top of each block of wood.
Audrey finishing up her fall art project
The girls chose to write FALL on their blocks, so they could display them for decoration through November. They didn't want to draw jack-a-lantern faces. One of my babies was sick and did not get to make a set. Hopefully, we can make something for Christmas or winter to share. ( My boys didn't want to paint...ugh) They each made two sets, one for them and one to share with other family members.
After writng fall with a Sharpie, the girls used a sanding block to add a worn look to their blocks. They added a sealing spray to protect their project for years to come.

Suggested materials:

  • Scraps of lumber   (Leftovers, originally from Lowes)
  • Spray Paint   (Home Depot, local hardware store)
  • Stems   (Picked up in yard/ recycled chair rounds)
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