Happy Spring!

Spring is very slow to arrive this year. We had a lot of snow and some more is on the way this week. :( I am longing for Spring and warmer weather. I decided to get a head start and decorate in anticipation of its arrival.
I used items that I already had or that I had made myself.
Wreath I had purchased several years ago. Milk glass vase from Goodwill, purchased for $2.00 and stick bunny from Hobby Lobby for $4.00. Total: $6.00
Paper mache chick, spray-painted with glossy brown. Wooden tray I found at Goodwill for $8.00, easter grass and most important, plenty of candy.
A forsythia bush and a dozen white craft eggs from Walmart. Printed 'Happy Spring' on a piece of tissue paper and cut the individual letters. Applied them with mod podge. Inserted eye hooks into eggs and hung with string. Cost: $4.00
Rabbit picture I found at Goodwill for $8.00. I purchased a new mat and found a discounted frame at Ross. Total cost: $18.00
Wall pedestal shelf from Goodwill, purchased for $4.00. Candle ring and easter eggs I already had. A ceramic bird from Michaels purchased or $3.00 on sale.
My little Easter bunny chalkboard I made last year. Cost: $0.00
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