Dried Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) Experiment!

Vicki Rogers
by Vicki Rogers
A few weeks ago I cut off my three spent Agapanthus flower stalks hoping to find seeds in there somewhere. I never did, and after the interesting looking stalks started drying, I decided to keep them to see what they'd look like completely dry. Not very pretty! I had stuck them against my porch wall behind a plant and forgot about them until the other day. I thought to myself either do something with these or throw them away.
I was in Hobby Lobby and the store is overflowing with holiday decorations and snow. Well, it's really hot here and snow sounded good to me. I thought I'd do an experiment with my dried Agapanthus stalks.
I started spraying them with 3m adhesive thinking everything might stick better. This kind of looked like cobwebs, hmmm, maybe Halloween flowers instead I thought.
But, as I sprayed on the snow they started shaping up. After getting a good coating of snow on them, I sprayed on the diamond dust I had, and sprinkled on glitter. I need practice with the glitter. :-)
I wrapped the stems with floral tape. I'd love to know what you think about my dried Agapanthus experiment.
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