Recycle Flower Vases in 3 Steps With Fun Festive Floral Arrangements!

2 Materials
10 Minutes
Dust off your old flower vases fat, skinny, tinted, round, square...basically whatever you've got in your cupboard...and quickly arrange a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers in 3 steps!
My sad lonely vases :(::
Clean up your vases and get them ready for their Fall Make-over! Ha-haGather your supplies and put it all together! You only need 3 items. Did I mention it only costs $3-5 per bouquet?
All supplies from $1 Store!
The $1 store really does a great job of stocking amazing faux flowers, harvest decor, and ribbon or straw (whatcha' call that stuff again?) really makes it POP. If you go to a hobby supply (not naming them) store you'd pay MORE than double or even triple per item!
Add fun embellishments like mini pumpkins and other foam/plastic fruits & veggies. I can think of so many items to add for different holiday seasons.
Add flowers....
Finish off with ribbon...and DONE! Simple yet sophisticated - and CHEAP! I have had people ask where I got my arrangements too! I love watching them when I say "I made it!". Is that good or bad?? Ha-ha
My foxy flowers!
Now place them around the house in corners, in kitchen or living room. Here's a little home interior secret I learned years ago: Magic number is 3 - decorate in sets of 3. It doesn't have to be the same three items or height. The eyes gravitate toward things that vary in height (and color).
Display with items with similar color scheme
Try it...when you just have 2 items it doesn't look "finished", right? This is something you can whip together for a quick gift too! So simple it almost makes itself! Thanks for looking!P.S. Look forward to how I made that little scarecrow next!

Suggested materials:

  • Set of 6-8 Fall Flowers, Fall decor, & Ribbon   (Dollar Store)
  • 2 Vases   (Already had)

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