Spring Wreath DIY

4 Materials
30 Minutes

There’s just something about Spring

that makes me want to bring the outside in!

House plants…

(see how to make this ivy topiary HERE)

fresh flowers…


flowering plants…

(read all about orchids HERE)

Yes, please!

But sometimes I want something a little different than a potted plant --

something a little more special.

You know what I mean?

So today I’m showing you a

natural Spring wreath DIY

that I created for my entry.

I just made it out of ivy that I cut from my yard.

Now, ivy doesn’t last very long once it’s cut so here’s how to make it last a little longer in your Spring wreath:

First clean and disinfect your clippers with diluted bleach

and rinse them thoroughly

Strip the leaves off of the bottom 6 inches or so of the vine.

Then cut the end off of the vine.

And then lightly pound the very end of the vine with a hammer.

Crushing the stems allows them to take up more water.

Put the end of the vine into a container of cool water,

making sure no leaves are in the water.

Let it drink for several hours or overnight.

Now it’s time to put the wreath together:

You’ll need an 18 inch wire form, some floral water tubes and floral wire

I used floral water tubes or vials for my vines because I wanted my ivy to last as long as possible.

Start by filling a floral water tube with cool water.

Leave the top inch or so empty to allow for the ivy stem to displace some of the water.

Put the lid onto the tube and poke the ivy stem into the hole

Now wire the tube with the vine in it to the back of the wreath form,

gently pull the ivy through to the front and wind it around the wreath, wiring it in place only as needed.

Keep attaching ivy stems with vials to the back, making sure to hide the tubes with the ivy, until you have a full wreath.

Add some bare vines that trail off and stick out from the form for a more organic-looking wreath.

You can also add some other species of vines as well — I added a couple of kumquat vines to mine.

And here’s the finished Spring wreath DIY

I love how it adds such a fresh organic element to our entryway

This natural ivy wreath stayed fresh for about a week.

But it still looked pretty good even as it started to dry out!

You could also make this out of faux ivy if you wanted something that would last forever.

Suggested materials:
  • Ivy vines   (my yard)
  • Wire wreath form   (craft store)
  • Floral water vials, floral wire   (Amazon)
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