Winter Snowball Wreath

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Grab some foam balls and glitter for this decor idea you can leave up all winter long!

Check out the video for more how-to's!

First stop - your local craft store or the dollar store. You'll want to purchase large medium and small sized foam balls.

Next, lay out your design. After that, hot glue them in place. I added only medium and large balls to the first layer.

Step 1: Turn down heat

To begin, turn down the heat to low on your hot glue gun. Depending on how hot your glue gun gets -- it may melt the foam.

After your first layer is down, begin gluing other sizes, adding dimension.

After that, apply mod podge all over each foam ball.

After that, sprinkle on some glitter. You could also use fake snow, or confetti. Repeat and touch up any areas you missed -- and that's it!

This sparkly wreath is so versatile, and adds such a crisp touch to any decor style!

After everything's glued in place, let it dry so they can set.

Need some color? Add a bow! Simply glue it on top!

Want to switch it up? Take off the red bow and add a green, silver, or blue bow! You can also switch up the placement to change up the look!

Want to add a pattern? Grab some flannel ribbon, tie a bow & glue it in place!

Grab some dollar store hearts & dress it up for Valentine's day!

You could dress up this wreath for any winter holiday!

Add pinecones, greenery, bells-- the possibilities are endless!

I hope this inspires you to create a snowball wreath that you can use all season long! See you in my next video

Suggested materials:

  • Foam Ball
  • Hot Glue
  • Mod Podge
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