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Hello lovely people! For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome. Today I wanted to share my DIY grapevine fall wreath! The other day, my hubby and I were at our cottage, spending a beautiful, sunny afternoon in backyard. One thing that spoiled, otherwise perfect view was our front door. They desperately need a coat of a fresh paint! While I was thinking about painting the door, I start daydreaming how beautiful it will be with fresh coat of paint and embellished with a beautiful wreath. As I was thinking of going to shop the wreath, I suddenly realized! I don`t need to buy it, if I can make it myself! We have a huge pile of grapevine in our backyard for free!
Once something is on my mind, it becomes a instant obsession and I want to start immediately. My dear hubby, who knows me so well, deliberately stayed silent when I suddenly left our afternoon coffee and start wander around. First thing was to find the right, thicker branch, make a loop and secure it with wire (with his kind support, again without any comment or objections about cold coffee he will have later - very clever guy!).
After that it was just wrapping other branches around the loop until it was thick enough. I must say it`s a little time consuming and long branches can be tricky (at that point, he totally give up his coffee and disappear - did I mentioned how smart he is?). For this part you don`t need wire, just tuck the end of each branch inside the wreath, and start again.
For decoration I used some faux fern and faux lavender. Using the wire cutters I cut apart the faux greenery and flowers stems so that it is in individual pieces. Slip the branches and flowers trough the grapevine wreath to create the look you want. I didn`t use hot glue or wire to secure it because I like to take it apart and use it again for the next season.
Then, I added dried hydrangea, little branches and pine cones in the middle of greenery. I`be been going with a more neutral palette this season to make it work with other decorations in my home.
After that, I made a big burlap bow and secure it on the opposite side of wreath with hot glue.
Finally, I made a cardboard G letter, for our family name, painted it black with acrylic paint and attached it with hot glue just above the burlap bow.
Waving the ends of the burlap tails and tucking it into the wreath was a final step to make it beautiful!
That`s all there is to it, simple and cute! At the end, I decided to bring it home with me, because the cottage door needs brush and paint much more then the wreath.
Suggested materials:
  • Grapevine brahches
  • Faux branches and flowers
  • Burlap
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