DIY Dollar Tree Ombre Rose Valentine's Day Wreath

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Today I am sharing this with you how I made this Stunning Perfect for Valentine's Day Wreath. It is so Easy to make just about anyone could make it. Place this Wreath on your door, hang it on the wall or just prop it up on the fire place mantel to give your Home those Sweet Valentine's Day vibes.

Best faux roses!

Make your own Valentines wreath with these faux roses that Amazon reviewers swear by!

Here is a quick video tutorial. I also uploaded a slower and more in depth tutorial on my YouTube Channel Gleespen Designs

With Bow

Without Bow and this photo was taken with direct sunlight. Look how pretty them colors are.

First you will need one of the Dollar Tree Tinsel Hearts. The shinny Love will come off very easily. Then you can keep it for a later project OR If you want your Rose Heart Wreath to say love you can put it back on then you are done adding the flowers.

You only need the heart form, so just simply start unraveling the red tinsel from the heart form. It is only wrapped around these little notches so Its is very easy to unravel

Now you have the base to your Rose Heart Wreath.

I then used these beautiful flowers I bought at the Dollar Tree. 8 Stems total. Of course you can use whatever flowers your Heart desires.

Remove just the flowers from its stems

Now you are really to start adding the flowers to the Heart form. Using your Hot Glue Gun put some hot glue around the bottom of the flower. Mainly on the Greenery part is.

I recommend using a low temp heat gun, but any glue gun will work.

Starting at the top left corner I added the flower to the Heart Form. You want to make sure where you added the hot glue is touching the Heart form.

For every Flower after that you want to glue the flowers to the heart form but also the flower next to it.

What I did is, when I added the hot glue onto the bottom of the flower. I made a circle of hot glue around the Greenery part but also making a strip going up one side. That is the side i would stick to the next flower.

I did 2 rows of each color of flowers.

4 colors for a total of 8 stems of flowers.

I love watching it come to life getting fuller and fuller

Once you have all the flowers on, flip over the heart to the backside. Then I used Nautical Rope from Dollar Tree to make a hanger. I just simply hot glued each end of the rope to the back of the heart.

Now you have this beautiful Ombre Rose Heart Wreath

I also added this burlap bow to make it go with more of my other home decor in my Home. You can add whatever bow you like. I always say make it YOURS.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did sharing it with you.

Suggested materials:
  • Red Tinsel Heart   (Dollar Tree)
  • Flowers   (Dollar Tree)
  • Burlap Ribbon for Bow   (Amazon)
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