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I absolutely love this super easy yet gorgeous DIY Moss Bunny Wreath! I got this project kit from Home Made Luxe and it was the best $29.99 I ever spent. I love Home Made Luxe's easy DIY project kits, I also love that I have the option to either choose a project I love or get a surprise craft every month with their DIY Home Decor Subscription Box. Each project is like pinterest in a box and contains all the materials you need to create this moss bunny wreath and written and video instructions. Boxes also have freebies, a pin worthy recipe and another DIY project you can try on your own, I love it! You can grab this Moss Bunny Wreath DIY Project Kit here. Or hit the craft stores and try to get the materials on you own. Let me share how was able to quickly do this project.

Begin by taking the 6 inch wreaths and squeezing them at both ends until you hear them crack and the ends become pointy. If they are not as pointy as you would like you can add floral wire to the ends to make them more narrow.

Use floral wire to connect the two 6" 'bunny ears' to the 8" wreath. Use as much wire as you need to get a secure fit and complete by twisting the ends. Don't worry about how it looks we will use moss to hide the wire later.

Use the same technique and more floral wire to connect the 8 inch wreath with the 10 inch wreath. Using a glue gun, apply a generous amount of hot glue to a small section of the wreath, then press moss into the glue to secure. Work your way around the entire wreath attaching the moss with the hot glue.

Click on the blog post below for the fill tutorial and to see the list of materials needed.
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  • Bunny Wreath Project Kit by Home Made Luxe   (
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