Easter Door Decor 2020 - No Bunnies No Eggs

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Easter 2020 is unlike any other Easter in living memory. I hope that the Judeo-Christian symbolism of this door hanging is not lost.

Gather supplies

You may choose to decorate your hanging differently but the essence of this project is a sturdy old picture frame and the freshest, prettiest pomegranates you can find. The pomegranates represent both fruitfulness and blood. The project symbolizes the time when an ancient plague was warded off by smearing blood on door frames of houses, also at Easter time - an interesting parallel to 2020.

I also used: (these may vary according to your design and weather in your area):

  • smaller glass frame, or weatherproof wood sign
  • A4 sign printed in Word if not using a painted wood sign
  • electrical tape
  • decorative chord
  • glue gun
  • double sided tape
Make a sign

I printed my wording on my home computer. Since I only had one frame and had lost its clips and couldn’t buy another due to lock-down, I had to improvise. I placed the picture between the glass and backing and then stuck the glass and backing together with white electrical tape on all 4 sides. This gave it a slight frame and kept everything in place. We don’t usually have rain this time of the year so I didn’t have to make provision for this.

Lay out the composition

I positioned the completed sign and fruit on the bigger frame. The pomegranates are quite heavy so you need to ensure that the design is evenly balanced and that the frame can carry the weight. Also consider where you will be placing the chord so that the pomegranates don’t interfere.

Glue everything to the frame

From picture above you can see that I used an enormous blob of hot glue for the pomegranates. Hope it holds till after Easter!

Wrap the chord

I simply wrapped the chord around exposed frame and ensured that the whole thing was balanced enough to hang level. I tied a firm knot that would take the weight of the whole construction. You could also use hooks.

Hang it

My front door is mostly glass so I was very happy to find an over-door steel hook as pictured above in my stash. This meant that I didn’t have to make holes in the wood frame. I also used double sided tape to prevent it from swinging or blowing in the wind.

And there it is - my plague inspired Easter sign. Obviously the pomegranates are not going to last forever but it is an interesting alternative to plastic eggs and faux flowers.

Suggested materials:
  • Old picture frame
  • Pomegranates
  • Chord
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