Puzzle Piece Heart Wreath - a Dollar Tree DIY

15 Materials
30 Minutes

Upcycle a puzzle with missing pieces into a cute as can be home décor wreath and let your family know that you love them to pieces! This Puzzle Piece Heart Wreath is quick and easy to make with the kiddos and just in time to celebrate National Puzzle Day!

Basecoat 25 puzzle pieces Snow White, 25 Santa Red, 25 Peony Pink, and 25 Baby Pink. Set aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary. Freezer Paper or Newspaper makes a great, inexpensive cover for your work surface.

Download, print, and cut   PUZZLE PIECE HEART WREATH PATTERN. Trace onto chipboard, cut outside with scissors and inside with craft knife on a self-healing mat.

Randomly attach painted puzzle pieces to heart wreath base in a single layer with the glue gun and glue sticks.

Apply a second layer of puzzle pieces over top of the first layer. Mix and match the colors and shapes to create an organic pattern.

Measure and cut a rectangle of white cardstock one-inch long and eleven inches wide. Find the center and hand letter the message “Love You To Pieces” in pencil and then in red marker. Cut a fishtail at each end of the cardstock with scissors.

Fold the ends into a “Z” pattern and attach the banner to the center of the heart wreath with the glue gun and glue sticks.

Measure and cut a twelve-inch length of red and white baker’s twine and then glue to the back of the wreath to use as a hanger.

To finish, tie a bow with a second twelve-inch length of baker’s twine and attach to the wreath.

Make this Dollar Tree Puzzle Piece Heart Wreath in just about 30 minutes (not including drying time)! Hand letter your own personalized message or your family’s name to the paper banner. For some additional family fun look up the history of Valentine’s Day on the internet and share facts with each other!

Suggested materials:

  • Puzzle, 100 Piece   (Dollar Tree)
  • Washable Markers   (Dollar Tree)
  • Baker’s Twine, Red, and White   (Dollar Tree)
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