How to Make DIY Clay Tree Decorations in a Few Easy Steps

Rachel | mapleandgrey
by Rachel | mapleandgrey
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A few years ago I made some DIY tree decorations for our main tree. Some of these were with salt dough because I didn’t have clay to hand.

This year, I wanted to make some DIY clay Christmas ornaments just to add a few extra things to our tree.

Tools and materials for the DIY project

Tools and materials:

I used air-drying clay, a roller, and metal shapes that I already had at home. I had a few ideas for designs that I wanted to try and this was also such a fun Christmas activity to do with the kids.

Cutting out star shapes in the clay

1. Cut out shapes

I warmed up the clay, rolled it out to a thickness of approx 5mm, and cut out the shapes.

Stamping designs on the clay

2. Stamp designs

The first design was using stamps to print on some letters. There are better stamps out there for this but I used what I had to hand.

Cutting out holes for the ribbons using a straw

3. Cut out holes for the ribbons

The next design I made plain Christmas trees. I used a straw to cut out a hole for the ribbon in each ornament.

Using a cocktail stick to create designs

4. Use a cocktail stick

For the last design, I used a cocktail stick to prick holes around the edge of the stars.

Leaving the ornaments to dry

5. Dry

I left all the ornaments to dry for a few days…..

Filing the edges of the clay ornaments

6. File the edges

Once dry I then used a nail file to file the edges down to leave a smooth finish.

DIY clay Christmas ornaments

7. Attach the ribbons

Here are the finished decorations in the three different designs.

DIY clay Christmas tree ornaments

I used different string for each of the designs. I love how unique they all look.

DIY clay star Christmas ornaments

DIY clay Christmas ornaments

These turned out a million times better than the salt dough ornaments I made and were so cheap and easy to make!

I hope that this post inspires you to design DIY clay Christmas ornaments for your tree!

To see more of this and behind the scenes follow along on Instagram!

~ Rachel ♡

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Suggested materials:
  • Air drying clay
  • Roller
  • Cookie cutters
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