A Challenge That I Thought I Couldn't Do?

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I was offered a DIY challenge! A friend of mine asked me if I could make a Thomas the Train bank for his son. I took a shot at it and I think it came out pretty good as you will see.
This project was all from scrap wood and pallets, I only purchased the wheels as you'll see and the smoke stack. I just love an economical project! I did not have any instructions to follow so most of it was guesswork, and it came out pretty well!
As you can see, I went off of this Train so I pretty much guessed at the dimensions. I think it worked really well.Here's the outcome.
In order to create the face on Thomas the Train I printed out and glued the image to a 3" 2x6 that I sanded into a circle. It looks pretty seamless.
This is a 2 piece bank, the cork is underneath the engine, which sits on the track
And here is the completed project! Tell me what you think?
Suggested materials:
  • Pallets and scrap wood   (Saved wood I had laying around, pallet wood from the store)
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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Aug 30, 2017
    I think you are an expert craftsman with a touch of whimsy. Did you start with a specific dimension such as 5:1 of new:tiny engine? And congratulations on winning this month's challenge. I would give a blue ribbon to this at the state fair. Best wishes 😇

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Aug 30, 2017
    You did an amazing job! Maybe for future projects you can take photos of the steps involved and give measurements so all of us out here can replicate it.
    Anyway, my question is did you also make the train track? If so which came first- the train or the track?
    LOL, rather like the chicken or egg question.

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