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2-3 Hours
I made this Christmas Tree using Burlap
I had everything on hand except the Green Burlap ...I had went to a yard sale by my house and low & behold she had this big roll of Green Burlap for $2.00 so I snatched that bugger up ...
This what I did first I drilled a hole into the bottom of the bucket then I drilled a hole in the pole I screwed a two and a half inch screw into those two pieces to start with .....
This is the beginning of wrapping chicken wire around the pole and the bucket ..and let me tell you it was not an easy task to do ...you need more that 2 hands but I didn't have but 2 hands but those 2 hands got that wire on there ....I stapled it to the bucket at the bottom first then I shaped the tree as I went up with it ....had to snip a few places here and there to get it into a tree shape ....then I used some wire to hold it together the I stapled the top to the pole ...I also wore gloves when I did this ...I suggest anybody that messes with chicken wire to use gloves... saves on getting scratched a lot when you snip it with wire cutters ..
at this stage I brought my tree into the house to put the Burlap on it because it was windy out and that stuff was flapping all over the place and on me ..I finally got it wrapped then I started adding my decorations... the Bow at the top is made from Burlap with wire edging worked perfect for my tree..I decided I didn't like the Burlap wire ribbon around the bottom so I took it off .....
And this is how my tree came out looking with all the decorations on it ...the balls are POMPOMS that I put on with hot glue and the beads around it are some I had on hand that I just hot glued on and then I put a pine cone at the top and added some red sparkly wire with stars on it then at a last resort I added the white ribbon with the bells in the front of it ...and that is how I made me a Christmas Tree with Burlap

Suggested materials:

  • I used Burlap/ Chicken wire and an old bucket and a wood pole like what is in your closet   (Bucket / chicken wire / pole/ I already had on hand)
  • The picture shows Tan colored Burlap but I didn't use that I used the Green Burlap inst   (Green Burlap came from a yard sale for $2.00 for a Huge Roll of it ...SCORE !!!!)
  • Electric Stapler   (I had it already too)
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  • Dennie Dennie on Oct 21, 2016
    I love...love...love the wood structure back drop behind your tree. What is it?...Where did you get it? If you made it, could you please post your instructions for me?


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  • Anne Alexander Anne Alexander on Oct 31, 2016
    What a cute little tree...I would love having several little trees like this in my yard... and easy to make... my kinda' craft...

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    • Maude  LaFountain Maude LaFountain on Nov 01, 2016
      What a neat idea to have one like this by the driveway ...you could also put battery powered lights or maybe solar lights on it to help light the way ..

  • Maude  LaFountain Maude LaFountain on Nov 02, 2016
    Thank you for looking !!!!...someone suggested using a tomato cage turned upside down but when I made this I didn't have a tomato cage so Chicken wire it was ...