Unique and Creative Christmas Lighting

With joyous Christmas celebrations just around the corner, families and homeowners across the nation want to tastefully decorate their property in the most beautiful and enchanting ways, both inside and out. However, with tradition hanging heavy in the festive air, thinking up new and exciting ways of creating a Christmas lighting installation can be difficult.
One effective way of creating an appealing, whimsical ambience is to purchase a string of light-covered festive garland. Add faux snow and numerous strings of old-fashioned cheap beads by weaving them through the garland. Then hang them around each doorway to bring lots of different shades and colorful reflections into the nearby surroundings. Easily obtainable at dollar stores and available in a multitude of designs, you can also buy a holiday wreath and suspend it from the ceiling, reminiscent of a classy holiday chandelier. Combine all of these aforementioned ideas together with a smattering of homemade paper garlands, such as paper rings or perhaps more complex paper snowflakes. This will effortlessly deliver some holiday sparkle to the scenery of the cozy interior household.
The addition of a simple linen tablecloth and a smattering of candles will help to create a subtly neat, chic and elegant feel to any dining table area. Once cleaned, discarded glass jars with a sprinkling of shimmering glitter nestled at the bottom can make easy-on-the-pocket displays for all kinds of items. In fact, mason jars of all sizes and designs can be spray painted different colors (silver, gold, green, red and white work best), and then filled up with radiant battery-operated mini-lights, fake berries and tiny vanilla scented votive candles. Decorate the bases with thin strings of glistening tinsel and then wrap tastefully thick twine bow around the tops of each. You can also use recycled aluminum cans instead of mason jars if you would prefer.
A unique way of creating a "Presents for Santa List" comes in the form of a small chalkboard adorned with white icicle string lighting. Carefully wrap a thin series of lights around the entire board, taking particular care to add other adornments if you desire, such as zinc acrylic paint, sprigs of evergreen, stenciled snowflakes, and frosted silver bells. Place the chalkboard on a small table that has been covered in Santa-themed wrapping paper, and then pepper the area with cups filled with opulent seasonal candies, such as gum drops. This will become the automatic go-to area in the house for your kids when they want to add a present (or two!) to their respective lists.
Decide on a favorite lighting color to be your "mainstay color," be it something conventionally holiday-esque or another hue you adore. Remember to "thread" this color all the way through the home, so it delivers a consistently festive look. Never underestimate the importance of well-positioned lighting to generate a comforting mood that your kids will look upon fondly in years to come! As such, when it comes to Christmastime, the phrase "less is more" can be ignored without having to break the bank. Makes sure you have fun and throw in all the trimmings!
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