Christmas Planter

1 Hour
A novice's attempt to do a Christmas Planter on a limited budget!
I had a planter between my garage doors. I needed to do something with it for the holidays. When purchasing my Christmas tree, I asked for the cutting and some additional cuttings in a box. I was told to help myself. So I did!
Next I watched some videos to see how holiday planters were done.
1) cleaned out the planter of old plants and flowers and moistened the soil
2) cut the branches so I had some straight branches
3) began in the center of the pot but towards the back and inserted the branches in a circular pattern
4) continued to fill in the planter with the tree cuttings.
5) spray painted some old ornaments red, also used brown colored ornaments
6) hot glued the ornaments to wooden skews
7) also used some silver pine cones on skews in the planted
8) placed some curly sprigs I got at a craft store in the planter
9) made a bow from some red ribbon and burlap and attached to skews and placed it in the front of the planter
Happy holidays!!

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