Festive Holiday Storage: How to Master Holiday Clean-Up

Ready to bid farewell to the holiday chaos and welcome a clutter-free space next for the new year?

Say goodbye to tangled ribbons, misplaced ornaments, and the hassle of finding your wrapping paper.

In this post, I'll walk through some holiday storage ideas to keep your decorations and wrapping essentials neatly packed, making next year's decorating spree a breeze.

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How to store extension cords

Extension Cord Storage Idea

1. Wrap and Wind

Wrap your extension cords in an orderly manner to prevent tangles.

Cut the middle of a toilet roll

2. Cut Toilet Tube

Cut a toilet paper tube in half.

Holiday decor storage ideas

3. Wrap Cord

Neatly store the wrapped extension cord inside for easy organization.

Your extension cords will stay tangle-free and easily accessible until the next holiday season. No more wrestling with messy cords – just smooth and stress-free decorating!

Storage container without a lid

DIY Christmas Ornament Storage

1. Find a Container

Choose a storage container in a size suitable for your ornament collection.

How to store holiday decorations

2. Dowel Prep

Grab a dowel and break it in half.

Dowel rods in plastic bin

2. Place Dowels

Position each half of the dowel on either side of the handle inside the bin.

Hanging ornaments on the dowel rods

3. Hang Ornaments

Leave the hooks on your ornaments and secure them by hanging them onto the dowels.

Organizing holiday decorations

4. Ready for Storage

Place the bin's lid on top to secure and protect your ornaments.

You've created an organized and protective haven for your ornaments, ensuring they remain in perfect condition until their next festive debut.

How to store ribbon

DIY Ribbon Organizer

1. Gather Your Ribbons and Basket

Place all your ribbon spools into a plastic basket with holes.

Practical organizing techniques

2. Thread Through the Holes

Pull all ribbon ends through the holes in the basket for a neat and accessible arrangement.

Ribbon organization techniques

3. Secure with a Skewer

Take a small skewer and weave it through the center of all the ribbon spools to hold them securely in place.

Say farewell to tangled ribbons and hello to an organized and mess-free ribbon storage solution. Your future self will thank you during the next gift-wrapping extravaganza!

Gift bag storage hacks

Gift Bag Organization

Gather all your gift bags from the end of the season for efficient storage.

1. Grab a Magazine Rack

Opt for a magazine rack to keep gift bags stored vertically, maximizing space and accessibility.

Storing gift bags in a magazine holder

3. Load Up the Rack

Place all the gift bags into the magazine rack, ensuring they stay together and well-organized.

How to store gift bags

By using a magazine rack, you've transformed the chaos of end-of-season gift bags into an organized and space-efficient storage solution.

No more searching for the perfect bag – it's right there, ready for the next celebration!

Cheap apron with pockets

Apron Pocket Storage Solution

1. Find an Apron

Grab an apron suitable for your storage needs.

Fold the apron

2. Crafting the Pockets

Fold the top of the apron down and then fold the bottom up for pocket creation.

Gluing the sides of the apron

Secure the folded edges with hot glue for durability.

Wrapping apron around a tin

3. Customize with a Bucket

Wrap the pockets around a bucket of your choice for structure.

DIY gift wrapping station

4. Fill Your Storage Container

Add various items to your storage container, such as wrapping paper, tissue paper, and scissors.

Gift wrapping storage idea

You've turned a simple apron into a practical and customized storage unit.

Shoe organizer for gift wrap

Wrapping Paper Organization

1. Gather Your Tools

Grab a shoe organizer and an over-the-door hanging rack for your wrapping paper storage project.

Easy DIY holiday organization

2. Prepare the Shoe Organizer

Cut the bottoms out of the top row of pockets in the shoe organizer.

Hang the rack

3. Hang the Shoe Organizer

Hang the modified shoe organizer onto the over-the-door rack for a secure and accessible setup.

Attach the shoe rack

4. Slide and Organize Wrapping Paper

Slide your wrapping paper into the top pocket, allowing it to flow through, and neatly rest in the bottom pocket.

Slide in your rolls of paper

With the door-mounted wrapping paper organizer, you've created a convenient and efficient storage solution for your wrapping essentials.

Seasonal home storage

No more hunting for misplaced rolls – everything is organized and ready for your next gift-wrapping venture!

More Organizing Ideas

If you are looking for other clever ways to keep your home neat and maintained, read my post on How to Organize a Closet!

Shoe organizer hacks

Holiday Storage Tips

Now that you know how to organize Christmas decorations with finesse, your post-holiday routine just got a whole lot merrier.

Transform the chaos into order and let the joy of the season linger without the clutter.

Let me know how your holiday clean-up went in the comments below.

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