Vintage Tree

45 Minutes
I was out in my work shack today as I am getting ready for some shows coming up. I has been looking at some odds and ends laying around and it hit me these things will make a great display piece or fun tree for your home.
For the body you will need a cabinet door, a spindle and a wire hanging basket.
Mark the center if your door turn spindle and door upside down and screw thru the bottom.
I took Krylon camo spray paint and layered it on the base. I wanted a mat finish. Next I sprayed Krylon shimmer on the whole piece.
While waiting for that to dry I got out some vintage doilies to create a shade on the wire basket. I used a large circular one for the top and cut up another for some nice embellishment and hot glued them to the wire.
I then screwed the with basket to the top of the post and finished embellishing
I am so excited to use this for an ornament display this coming weekend. Of course it will be for sale too. I have 3 more of everything. I see more of these in my future. I hope you enjoy.
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