How to Transform Old Mirror Frame Into Magic Must Have

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I saw this old, worn mirror frame in my local charity store for only £5 so I snapped it knowing it would be perfect for mosaic tiling it into something special!

Old mirror frame

I begin by deciding on a colour theme and use what I have left over from previous creative projects. I choose Pink and purple. I start with some stain glass slices that are an exact fit for the inside rim. I need to use wheeled tile nippers to cut a few into the corners.

Stain glass sticking

The PVA glue holds the tiles into place and I fill the inside rim then start with some pink little squares around edge of mirror working slowly around remembering to leave little gaps in between tiles for grouting later.

Pink tiles

I have these amazing smooth chunky black triangle ceramic tiles which I try to see if they will look good and after mixing them about a bit I set in a pattern that looks good and get gluing in place.

Triangle pattern

I fill in the gaps with some little triangles and tiny dot shaped ceramic mosaic tiles forming little infill pattern which I’m really pleased about as it’s truly unique to this piece.

Continue tiling

I continue tiling around to the outer edge and also I tile around all the sides just to give it a uniformed look . I mix tiles which are in same muted tones of purple pink white with slight textural streaks.

i leave it to dry overnight and next it’s time to grout it!

I choose a black powder to add to the white grout powder, which makes it a dark grey colour. Then mix with water to a paste then using an piece of card I work it into all the gaps .

Ready to grout

Just mix the amount you need plus a little more as it’s hard to get the exact colour match if you have to mix some more..

Mixing black colour into grout
Mix with water

Next step is to work the grout mix into all the crevices and then clean off excess with wipes or cloth.

Grout frame
Wipe off excess grout

It’s a slow and bit messy job and I used masking tape to protect the mirror.

but we’ll worth the effort!

Mosaic mirror makeover
Mosaic mirror makeover
Suggested materials:
  • Vitreous glass Mosaic tiles   (Amazon)
  • PVA glue   (Amazon)
  • Mirror frame   (Amazon)
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  • Tam Tam on Aug 03, 2021

    Like seriously, W-O-W! So I went to Amazon to get the mosaic pieces...didn't see the purple ones you were using...did you buy different bags of the different sizes and shapes? Super new at doing DIY projects...but ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOURS! Thanks!

  • Donna Nuro Donna Nuro on Aug 05, 2021

    How did you determine the amount of tiles you would need?

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