Knock Off Grinch Pillow

My favorite, only sister loves the Grinch a whole lot.
I, on the other hand, do not.
But she wanted this pillow with all it’s sequins and shine,
I thought she was silly, the price was so high!
But, her birthday was coming and I knew what to wrap,
I searched for the pillow, but they were all gone in a snap!
What can I do, they are all sold out?
So I brainstormed and pondered and let out a shout!
I can make one myself, I’m a DIYer after all.
So I headed to the craft store right next to the mall.
I bought a few bags of sequins, red and white,
And a Sharpie that on fabric it claimed to write.
I traced out a face with a Santa hat dangling,
And my needle and thread repeatedly tangling,
Hand stitching each and every tiny sequin with love,
I sewed her a pillow cover that fit like a glove.
What’s better than store bought, you ask so sincerely,
A homemade and thought felt gift, clearly.
So I will show you how I made this cute cover,
Just follow the steps and you will discover.
Okay, I’m done. I can’t rhyme anymore. There towards the end it got a little weird, so I figured I need to stop while I was ahead.
So if you can decipher my attempt to Dr. Seuss (I’m making “Dr. Seuss” a verb…) my story of how I made my sister a Grinch pillow, you may have gathered that basically my sister wanted this pillow cover. But it was $40!! And it didn’t even include the pillow! But when they had a Cyber Monday sale, I decided to go ahead and buy it for her for her birthday anyway. But when I clicked on it, it said they were NO LONGER AVAILABLE?!
So I put my thinking cap on and decided to make one for her myself. It was super easy, just time consuming with ALL. THE. SEQUINS. But it’s totally worth it. Trust me.
For the entire tutorial on how I made the pillow cover, checkout the link below. But basically, I traced an image from the computer on blank paper.
Then I transferred this image to fabric for the pillow cover with a marker.
Then I attached sequins to the cover and sewed it all up!

It's really an easy project, just a little time consuming with the sequins.
Be sure to check out the full tutorial and many more fun Christmas ideas on the blog at the link below!
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