Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover

1 Hour
These are the things you need. Dollar store foam pumpkin, raffia, off white paint, rusty color paint. Glue gun , drawer pull knob, paint brushes ànd a leaf of any kind.
First, I removed the little green stem. Then , I painted the pumpkin with 2 coats of the off white. You can use any kind of paint. Acrylic, chalk, etc. Let dry and then you take the drawer pull and hot glue it to the center where the stem used to be.
Also, hot glue your leaf. It can be a fabric one or any kind. I just had these in my craft supply..
Now, you take the raffia. I used orange here. Any color you want is fine. Tie it in a bow. Cut off excess if you want.
Now for the finish. This is called a fan brush. You dip your brush lightly in the paint. I am using a burnt orange here. Brush off excess paint and then you " dry brush" over the white. That means just sort of sweep the brush lightly up and down the pumpkin. Use a little or alot. Depends on how you want it to look.
Here is how it looks. If you want to , you can put a topcoat of polycrylic to make it shiny.
I use this kind, but use whatever you have on hand is OK, too.

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