Dollar Store Weathered-Finish Pumpkins Using Fusion Fresco

Fusion Fresco is the brand new Texture Medium product from Fusion Mineral Paint (the Acrylic, no-Wax furniture Paint) and it is fantastic! I used it to make over these styrofoam pumpkins I bought at the Dollar Store, the process is so easy!
Styrofoam pumpkins from the Dollar Store
First you want to gather your supplies: Fusion Fresco, and 3 colors of your choice to layer onto the pumpkin. I chose Champlain (a neutral off-white) Heirloom (soft blue) and Linen from the Fusion Mineral Paint line.
Supplies for Weathered Finish Pumpkins
To get the weathered-finish, you want to mix the Fresco powder into your first color of paint that you layer onto the pumpkin (which was Champlain for 2 pumpkins, Heirloom for the last one). Add 1 part Fresco to 2 parts paint, and mix until the Fresco is well incorporated into the paint. Don't worry if you have lumps, you can smooth them out as you paint or leave them to dry as part of your weathered finish.
Mix 1 part Fresco to 1 parts Fusion Paint
Once your Fresco'd paint is mixed, paint a coat over the entire pumpkin, including the stem. If you have any big clumps, you can smooth them out with your brush now, or leave them as they are.
Base coat of Fresco'd paint on pumpkin
After the base coat dries, paint on your second color (which was either Heirloom or Champlain) and allow that coat to dry. Paint only the base of the pumpkin, leave the stem white. Then to finish, dry brush on a tiny bit of Linen in spots to add extra color depth.
2nd layer of color
Once all the coats of paint are dry, rub the pumpkin with a wet piece of sandpaper to distress back the top colors and reveal the base color and texture of the Fresco. And you're finished!
The Fresco added to the base layer of color adds amazing texture to the finish of the pumpkins. These Dollar Store pumpkins wind up looking like high-end wooden painted pumpkins!
And you can use any color combination you like, or any one that fits your decor scheme. I plan on making more of these using some of Fusion's gorgeous new Fall 2016 colors.
Weathered-Finish Pumpkins
If you're not familiar with Fusion Mineral Paint or Fusion Fresco, you can read more about both of those projects on my blog. And if you don't have a local Fusion retailer, I sell and ship the complete line of Fusion products all over the U.S. Thank you for stopping by!
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