Alcohol Inks and Marble Hexagon Coasters

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This is a project that I have been wanting to do for quite some time and my major stumbling block was finding the right sized marble hexagon tiles. I looked high and low and low and high and they were not to be found anywhere around me. I also made the bad decision that while I was out looking for these tiles to just walk through Target. I would not have spent $100 dollars in Target if I had not been out looking for these tiles. I ended up finding the correct sized tiles on Amazon and with Prime it was free shipping and cost about $13 for 12 tiles. Live and learn... I should have stayed home and saved some money. **With this project, I am going to do something different. I have a lot of tiles left and want to hear what your color suggestions are for my remaining tiles. In the last pictures, I have pictured my alcohol inks and numbered each color. Leave a comment of your color combos and I will try to create the most popular combos and then post a picture. ***Also, there is some information on the internet that alcohol inks create a toxic breathing environment so either use a different type of ink or work outside or in a well ventilated area. Also, read the safety information that comes with your particular inks. I use gloves too. Your health before great art! AWAYS, my friends!!!

So here are the supplies that I planned to use. I ended up not using everything. I have the 3 inch hexagon marble tiles, alcohol inks, adhesive backed cork, 91% isopropyl alcohol, alcohol blending solution (didn't use, used the isopropyl alcohol instead.) and Posca paint pens (I planned to doodle but it was too pretty and I was afraid, I might ruin it.) I got everything except the alcohol, blending solution and alcohol inks on the right from Amazon.

Here is a close up of my inks...

The tile comes connected with a mesh that I used a utility knife to cut through and remove a single hexagon.

This picture gives you a good idea of the size of the tile. It is a pretty good size for a coaster. When I was looking for marble hexagon tiles, Lowes and Home Depot carried them but they were tiny, too small for coasters.

This is how I placed my single tile on the adhesive backed cork. Then I used my handy dandy utility knife to cut around it. I bought this utility knife to use for my job but I think I am going to need to buy another for home use because I love how it cuts and the squeeze trigger is the bomb. **The next coaster, I am going to trace onto the adhesive cork and then cut out and see it that works better. This was ok but it might work better to trace and cut.

Two things. #1 Use gloves... this stuff will stain your hands worse than wood stain. And it is not supposed to get on your skin. (This glove looks weird because I started to take it off and then went, "No, everyone must see a picture of how messy this stuff is! Side Note: now I have it all over my phone.) #2 You might want to experiment with your alcohol inks before you put them on your tile. I used some old photo paper. Yupo paper works best with alcohol inks but is pricey. You want a surface that won't immediately absorb the ink so that you have time to play with it. This is how well I Marie Kondo... my husband put that package of photo paper in a box for Goodwill and I pulled it out already thinking it might be craft worthy some day. Marie Kondo would not be happy in my craft room or house! icon So, as I played with it on the photo paper, I layered the inks. You can start with ink as the first layer or the isopropyl alcohol first then you can drop droplets of isopropyl alcohol on top. Dropping white alcohol ink on top of colors is so much fun to watch. The white ink is heavy and pushes the other ink out and around.

I used this 91% alcohol and a pin point syringe to create the droplets on top of the ink.

It is addicting... be forewarned. I plan to mail my mom one of these as a Valentine's Day gift. It doesn't cost a lot but it is unique and lets her know she is in my thoughts.

Here is the finished coaster and my photo paper practice side by side.

One tutorial that I read said that because the marble is so porous, you do not need to seal these coasters. At this angle, you can see how the ink really does absorb into the tile.

Ok, these next two pictures are the pictures that show the range of colors that I have to choose from. I would love for people to comment on color combos that they would like to see on a coaster.

Six more color choices. Mix and match and let me know, what you would like to see together. I will probably throw white into every mix so pick three colors not including white.

Here is a short clip of the process.

I love the look of this coaster on dark wood.

I am also playing with stencils on the marble. The one on the right will be a reverse stencil. The one on the left was a regular stencil filled in with gold.

You can do this marble coaster project in a variety of ways. You can go all out and be bold and wild with alcohol inks or you can play it subdued or you can be somewhere in the middle. This project reminds me of a video clip that I saw. If you google "three girls dancing which one are you?" it should pull up. It is a 20 sec clip from Youtube. The one in the middle is dancing and spinning and I can't even think a word to describe her, the one on her right is dancing but much more conservatively. The one on the left is moving her feet and not much else. I love it! I love that we are all different but we can still hang out and be friends. I think I am the one on the right. I am looking at the one in the middle with adoration and wanting to be more like her but doing my own thing and still happy about it. Which one are you?

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  • Alexa Alexa on Jan 27, 2019

    so it is porous but putting a glass of cold liquid that will 'sweat' will not hurt or change the design at all? I love the technique. thx for sharing.

  • Mintocres Mintocres on Jan 27, 2019

    what do you use to seal this coaster?

  • DiannaLynne DiannaLynne on Jan 27, 2019

    I was gifted some porcelain tile alcohol ink coasters but they weren't waterproof and ruined by sweating drink glasses. Maybe seal the finished coaster with a spray finish?

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