Big Wood Block Candle Holders/ Stands Made From Scrap Wood!

by Jennifer
4 Materials
1 Hour
Hello Hometalkers!
A friend of mine gave me a bunch of scrap wood and I have made so much from that pile of wood! I have posted a bench, a large shelving stand, big wood letters and a solar light tower so far! I will post at least three more projects from this one pile of scrap wood including this one! This post is the fifth project from that scrap wood pile!icon

I love candles and I have a lot of them so when I was making my second solar light tower (will post that one very soon) I had three small blocks of 4x4 cut offs leftover and decided that those pieces would be perfect for some candle holders/stands. This is what I made...
The pile of scrap wood a friend gave me! I knew what I was going to make as soon as I saw it and started sorting it out. I saw so many new things in my mind and couldn't wait to start.
These are pieces of 4x4's and some 2x2's I cut down into 1/4 in. squares. I'm using the 4x4 pieces on another project that is not finished yet. I decided not to use the 2x2's on that project but they would work great for my candle holders/stands project I had in mind.
When I was cutting down some of the 4x4's for the second solar light I made, I instantly knew I was going to make some candle holders/stands from the cut offs. Nice big chunks of wood!
I used a 1 1/2 in. paddle bit to make a small circle in the center of each block of wood about 1/4 inch down. A tea light candle will fit perfectly into the circle. I painted them white because I wanted them to match in whatever room I used them in!
I painted the little 2x2's gold and used wood glue to stick them onto the big blocks as embellishments! Finished!!
I can change out the candles to whatever season or holiday I want!
Little gold pine cones for Christmas, flowers for spring, I have these cute little gold leaves for fall and red, white and blue stars or shells for summer!
I could also put a vase on top with flowers, a bigger candle on a plate or something else ! It seems I could use these for all sorts of things! I love stuff that has a multi purpose or use !
They are the opposites of the brass set of holders I have had forever so I put them there for right now. This little project took about 1 hour to make with paint drying time and was so simple! You can get a 4x4 at your local lumber yard or home improvement store and most will cut it for free! You can also embellish the blocks with whatever you want, paint any color you want or don't paint it , stain it! Just make it what you like! So remember not to throw away those cut offs or scrap pieces of wood because you might find that you could make something special out of it! That was the 4th project from a pile of scrap wood a friend gave me!! I will post at least one more project from that pile in the next couple of days!I love all comments and thanks for looking at my little project!
Suggested materials:
  • 3 pieces of 4x4 cut into different sizes   (on hand)
  • White and gold paint   (on hand)
  • Embellishments (wood squares)   (on hand)
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