Concrete Sand Castles

by Michelle
4 Materials
1 Hour
My 6 year old Grandson loves to make sand castles so I thought, why not make permanent ones?
3 simple supplies...a sand castle bucket, sand mix concrete patch mix and sand colored/textured spray paint.
Mix up the concrete patch and fill the bucket.
Wait a few days for it to completely dry and remove the bucket. We did 2 sand castles. My Grandson's bucket was smaller than this one and was so hard to release from the concrete after it dried so I came up with the idea of heating up the bucket. I used a long lighter, the kind you would use to light candles or the fire pit. After only a few quick passes of the lighter over the bucket and it released the concrete sand castle! And didn't damage the bucket!
I spray painted the finished sand castle and now it's ready to sit in the "beach" corner of my yard icon
This was my Grandson's.
I like the detail!
He was pretty proud icon
Suggested materials:
  • Sand Castle buckets   (Dollar Tree)
  • Sand mix concrete patch mix   (Home Depot)
  • Rustoleum spray paint, sand colored and textured   (WalMart)
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  • Sallyann Rigby Sallyann Rigby on May 24, 2018

    This is just what I was looking for... Thank you so much. I moved to the seaside ad was given a bucket and spade set as a leaving gift. I was planning on making a cement castle for the garden, but had no idea how to release the bucket. Also I was planning on painting it with pva glue and rolling it in real sand to finish. I might be tempted to give the spray a go too.

    • Michelle Michelle on May 25, 2018

      Good luck! A word of caution though. The spray paint didn’t hold up in direct sunlight here in Arizona. The sun eats everything here

  • SL SL on May 22, 2019

    I spray my concrete molds with non stick cooking spray and normally everything pops right out of the mold. The sand castle was a great idea and super cute.