Cosmetic Surgery for Dated Buffet Lamps

I found these powdery-blue, metal-shaded buffet lamps while treasure-hunting at my local used furniture shop. They are in perfect condition but so old-fashioned! Into the furniture operating room for a facelift they go!
Before: Old-fashioned, dull metal lamps.
I could see where I wanted these to go the second I spotted them! This was the perfect chance to use my very favorite embossed paper from my paper stash.

First, I created a pattern so that the paper would fit exactly right onto these flared shades.
Cut pattern and pieces.
Pattern piece on the left. I traced and cut a couple dozen pieces from the embossed paper.
Decoupage pieces into metal shade.
I secured each piece to the metal shade with Mod Podge (I used matte finish for the entire piece).
Shade entirely decoupaged.
Shade is now entirely covered with embossed paper. I repeated with both shades.

Next: I coated the entire shade with a generous coat of the matte Mod Podge and let it dry.
Paint used for shade and lamp base.
After the Mod Podge dried, I painted the entire shade and base with this black acrylic paint.
Black painted base with gold painted details.
Painted the lamp base with the same black acrylic paint. After dry time, I cut out and decoupaged some of the embossed flowers into the base of the lamp.

After they dried, I added the gold highlight paint and distressing details on the shades with this paint:

(Although it's called Metal paint, it worked well. It has a beautiful flow)
Paint used for distressing and detail.
Time to distress the shade with the same gold paint. I dry-brushed it over the black paint with a stencil brush and rubbed hard!

It picked up the raised details beautifully!
Dry brush distressing.
Distressing technique over black paint.
Dry brush distressing over decoupage on base.
I repeated the dry-brushing technique over the cut out/decoupaged details on the lamp bases.

Finish entire lamp and shade with final cost of Matte Mod Podge.
Final result.
These are the final results!
Lamp 1
Lamp 2
Final facelift results!
This was a really fun project!

Happy to share any additional details of this project!
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