I'm Hooked

I bought a book a few years ago and gathered some rocks and then got busy with other things. Then one day I was looking for something on Pinterest and was side tracked by painted rocks. I grabbed the book, found my stock pile of rocks & started painting.
I started following directions
This time I really FELT the artist in me, coming out.
My finished cat.
Then I went out into the yard and started looking at all the rocks that lined our driveway, and I was HOOKED. I started painting & painting and I haven't stopped.
I painted all kinds of animals for my flower pots, then started on the rocks from the driveway.
I used other peoples designs for some of the
Then my husband Joel started digging up rocks from our back yard & I painted more & more.
A rock foot
Just for fun
I found a heart shaped rock
Rickey Raccoon
Big shark, baby shark
And how about some strawberries?

I will stop now, but I have many more. Enjoy
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  • Kat Kat on Jan 17, 2017
    too cute!!!! how did you learn that? I cant paint, draw, nothing....but they are so gorgeous, makes you want to have some "pets"!!! love it!

  • Kat Kat on Feb 27, 2017
    exactly what book(s) got you hooked, and is the easiest? there are tons out there, where to start? did you use acrylic paints, outdoor etc? thanks!

  • Jodi D Keeler Jodi D Keeler on Jul 05, 2017
    I started doing this about a year or so ago. I thought that I was just being wierd , because it kind of became an obsetion. I am so happy to know tnat there are others out there like me ( and my boyfriend , cause I got him hooked too.) We just have so much fun with it. I have been using finger nail polish to paint with. What do you recommend?

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