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Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to shop for uniquely pretty and stylish items for my home but many of the things I find have a high price tag. I love the special features of so many of their cool home accent pieces; from the copper handles to the tassels and appliques. The originals are so easy to recreate and bring the same eclectic Anthropologie vibe to your home with DIY items for a fraction of what it would cost to buy it in store! In around one hour, I made three quick Anthropologie inspired home accents for about $20.

My DIY tasseled tea towel, marble tray, and embellished butter dish were all super simple and inexpensive to make and are very stylish additions to my home decor. I purchased a plain white tea towel for $1, a plain white butter dish for $3, and a marble tile for around $3 and turned them all into items that are anything but plain!ware inspired by Anthropologie pieces!

You Will Need:

  • Tea Towel
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread (coordinate with towel and yarn)
  • Marble Tile
  • Drawer Pulls
  • Butter Dish
  • Drawer Knob
  • Permanent Craft Adhesive
  • Felt Surface Protectors

Step 1: Create Tasseled Tea Towel

I folded a white tea towel into the width I wanted to sew tassels on it and used yarn to create ten tassels. I made five for each side. Wrap the yarn around three of your fingers as many times as you want for the thickness of your tassel. Cut the yarn attached to the raveled tassel and then cut two additional small lengths of yarn. With the yarn still wrapped around your fingers, thread one of the small pieces of yarn through the loop of raveled yarn, slip it off your fingers and knot it at the top. Use a second piece to tie another loop around the top of the tassel body and knot it tightly so it looks almost like a ghost. Trim this piece of yarn and then cut open the loop of yarn at the bottom to create fringe.

Create Tasseled Tea Towel

Step 2: Sew Tassels on Tea Towel

Once I created and fluffed up all of my tassels, I sewed them using a simple stitch with a needle and thread onto the bottom hem on both sides of my folded towel. I wanted tassels on both sides but if you need to save time you can choose to apply tassels to one side only. I chose white on white but you can create any combination of tassels and tea towels that you want to go with the decor in the room you want to use the towel in. 

Sew Tassels on Tea Towel

Step 3: Create Marble Tray

I wanted to make a beautiful marble tray and I chose two wide drawer pulls to go with a plain marble tile from the home improvement store and used permanent adhesive to attach them to the tile to create one. To create your tray, measure and mark where you want to place the drawer pulls and attach them with the adhesive. To be sure that the marble tile doesn’t scratch any of your kitchen surfaces or tables, attach felt surface protectors to the underside or use any bits of felt if you can’t find them. Let the adhesive dry completely and display your favorite items on the tray!

Step 4: Embellish Butter Dish Cover

My plain white butter dish was in need of a handle to make it easier to lift on and off so I purchased some very pretty copper knobs to solve the problem. I applied permanent adhesive to the base of the knob and placed it in the center of the butter dish lid. Let the adhesive dry completely and enjoy a chic, mess-free, and stylish butter dish!

Embellish Butter Dish Cover

The beautiful design store look I want for my home decor often comes with a high price tag in retail stores. Rather than go without or go in debt, I enjoy making similar designs for items for my home using inexpensive materials and creativity. It’s amazingly easy to make items that look just like store-bought decorative accents. I was able to create three new pieces for my home in the time it takes to drive to the store and back. Whether it’s plain tea towels that look a bit too plain or a butter dish that slips into the butter whenever it is put back on or lifted off, these DIY Anthropologie hacks will solve your dilemma and make your home look prettier in only an hour!

Do you enjoy recreating designs you see when you are out shopping in home decor stores? Share your copycat DIY projects and get inspired by lighting fast and inexpensive design hacks like these on Hometalk!

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