DIY Nautical Beach Lantern

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Today I want to show you how to make a DIY lantern ornament from a repurposed one-gallon glass pickle jar.

The only other thing I used for this project other than my jar was a couple of packages of decorative nautical rope that I picked up at the dollar store.  

To start putting my DIY beach lantern together, I measured out eight strips of the rope making each one 11 inches long.  

Once I got all of my strips cut to 11 inches, I used my glue gun to start attaching them onto the side of the jar. Most jars usually have a seam and that is a great place to start. That gives you a line to go down when you start to keep everything even. 

I tried gluing my rope in several different ways. I did the long run of glue and glued it on first.  

For the next piece of rope I went at it a little differently doing a little glue at a time. I liked this method much better. Whenever you're working on a project, you get a feel for what works best and go with that.  

I continued using the second method to glue on the remaining strips until they were all on the jar. I kept adding a strip of twine opposite to the one I just added and then one in between each to fill in the spaces until I worked my way around the jar.  

When I was done with all eight, I wanted to clean up the bottom. If any of your rope is fraying, you can go ahead and glue those down. 

Next I wanted to add some horizontal strips to the jar. I added two long strips there that ended up being 22 inches long each.  

I decided to keep it simple and just do one on the top and one around the bottom gluing them in place as I placed them around the jar.  

For the last step, I opted to cut three 15 inch strips to finish off the rim of the jar. I think it looks nicer finished off and with the ends of the rope covered up. I just glued the rope in place as I wrapped it around.  

To add a few finishing touches, I put it on a wooden charger, added a cute little vintage jar with pretty little blue flowers, added some sand from the dollar store, and a flameless LED candle. I also grabbed a few seashells from our trips to the beach and a cute little sign.  

I think it looks so sweet and because this jar is very neutral, it would look good staged and styled for any season. I hope you enjoyed seeing how to make a lantern out of waste materials. 

Suggested materials:
  • Glass jar
  • Rope
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  • Donna Donna on Feb 04, 2022

    I love your idea, am definitely going to be making one or more of these. Thank you.

  • Sally Sullivan-Beghin Sally Sullivan-Beghin on Feb 16, 2022

    I love this! Here’s a suggestion if you’d like to hang it: Cut one of the rope strands about 3x the length of the others, glue it to one side, form a loop over the top to the desired length, then glue the other end to the jar. This would even work on mason jars, or vases! Thanks for sharing!