Dress Form Makeover

5 Materials
3 Hours

I've always loved dress forms and I had one for several years that I used for decor and staging. I decided it was finally time to give it a super fun makeover!

I hope this tutorial inspires you to get creative and have some fun! 🖤💗💜

The dress form that I had was covered with a stretchy fabric so I started by removing that and giving the entire piece a coat ot white paint. I used Daydream Apothecary Ground Control. (Available on my website beautymarkcollective.com)

There were a few dents in the Styrofoam that I filled with drywall spackle. I only did the large dents and didn't worry about the smaller dents or scratches.

I wanted to add some fun artistic details so I decided to start with a decorative mould using paper clay. I smooth the paper clay into the mould and make sure it is packed nice and tight. Next I stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. That makes it a lot easier to pop out of the mould.

I applied the applique while it was still soft. First I used wood glue which ended up being a huge fail. It stayed on for a while but eventually fell right off. The second time around I used gorilla glue and that did the trick!

I decided to use neon pink and purple for my base colors. These are also from Daydream Apothecary. The colors are La La Love Ya and Hot Damn Violet.

I gave the entire piece two coats of paint, allowing it to dry completely in between coats.

I love the way the neons work together but it still needed something else...

I decided to drip black from the neck down. This is Major Tom from Daydream Apothecary. I watered it down slightly to allow it to drip a little easier since it's pretty thick paint. I also splattered some on using a pallet knife.

Next I added some metalic and black spray paint on the bottom. If you press lightly on the spray can, sometimes you can get it to sputter which creates a cool splatter effect.

For the last step, I used a gloss top coat. Usually I would use something like a poly acrylic but this was the only thing I had on hand at the moment that was a glossy finish. It actually worked really well and left a beautiful shiny finish which is what I was wanting.

I love how this piece turned out! Thanks for following along and I hope you're inspired!

Suggested materials:
  • Daydream Apothecary Neon Artisan Paint   (Beautymarkcollective.com)
  • Paper Clay   (Amazon)
  • Applique rubber mold   (Amazon)
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