Easy and Simple Restroom Decor You Will Love!

5 Materials
30 Minutes

I recently decided to paint my restroom white. I wanted to add some simple decor and humor to my small space. I was able to create some simple 1.2.3 step DIY decor !

Check out what I did with a picture frame, black poster paper and a white oil based sharpie.

I traced the exciting picture that came with the frame to cut out piece of black poster paper. I then took the sharpie and wrote a humor message. Doesn’t have to be perfect.

I love the way it turned out. What do you think?

For my next DIY I bought some floral garden greenery and flowers from the Dollar Tree. I had an empty glass jar from my apple cider vinegar that worked out great for this.

I played around with different ways and looks with the floral gardens as I was putting them together. I ended up taking out some of the greenery to make it look how I wanted with the white flowers.

I took the floral garden and flowers , placed them into the glass jar and here it is .

For this look , I bought some cactus from the Target dollar spot. I ended up painting the planters white with Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic paint in the color Snow White. I got some glass jars from the Dollar tree.

I put the cactus in the glass jars . This piece looks great for my restroom.

I wanted to add some more greenery . I got a candle holder that I got at the Dollar tree along with some greenery. I cut the greenery to fit into the holder.

I put a piece of floral brick foam in the holder and arranged greenery into the holder.

I was going to stop there and finish but I have a window in my restroom. I was going to leave it alone but just seemed to plain and lonely. I needed to add something there.

I bought cactus picks , black rocks and square glass jars from the Dollar tree.

I used one pick for each jar . I did cut the picks at the bottom about half an inch to fit and look good in the glass. I put them together and here you go.

Suggested materials:

  • Oil based sharpie white   (Wal mart)
  • Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic paint Snow White   (Wal mart)
  • Black picture frame, poster board and rocks   (DOLLAR TREE)
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