Farmhouse Chicken Wire Frame

Zane Redfern
by Zane Redfern
2 Materials
30 Minutes
farmhouse decor is so on trend right now and nothing says farmhouse chic more than a rustic chicken wire frame! This decor piece is so simple and inexpensive to do!

With this simple DIY you can achieve a "high-end" look for less! You don't have to be a craftsman or have any fancy tools to create this project!
Rustic Charm!!
First I chose a frame that was the size and style I was looking for!
Materials You'll need
After choosing my frame I hit Walmart and picked up some chicken wire (this is typically found in the lawn and garden section). I knew I was going to pair my frame with my fresh boxwood wreath I already had, adorned in some natural tone wire ribbon (which I purchased at JoAnne's).
To get started I stapled my chicken wire to the backside of my frame! This step was super easy!! Side note: you want to leave an opening at the top of the frame to slide your ribbon through (which I show you in the next step)!!
Remember when we talked about leaving that opening?? Here's why!! You want to slide your ribbon between your chicken wire and your frame!!
After you slide your ribbon through your chicken wire and your frame you want to slide it in the center of your wreath!! Seeee how this is coming along!! We're almost done!!
The last step, make your bow!! I wanted a big bow so, that's what I made!!!
And here you have it!! Rustic, simple and YOU Created it!!!
Suggested materials:
  • Large Frame (I chose a 16"x20" Frame for my project ). I also purchased some chicken wire!   (I purchased this Frame from JoAnn's Fabric and it was an incredible price ON SALE, (who doesn't love a good sale)! I purchased my chicken wire from Walmart!)
  • I also used a boxwood wreath, which I already had on hand . Wire cutters, staple gun, scissors and ribbon (I purchased my ribbon from JoAnn's as well)   (The ribbon came from JoAnn's and is a wired ribbon, which you want to use to achieve this look!)
Frequently asked questions
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  • Carol Clark Carol Clark on Jul 18, 2017

    My chicken wire came in a roll. How did you get yours so flat (no waves)

  • Jessie Pincus Jessie Pincus on Aug 12, 2017

    I would also like a large bow, how much ribbon would I need?

  • Sandy Sandy on Sep 01, 2017

    I dont have a mantell to put this on. Any idea?

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  • Lpi24662948 Lpi24662948 on Aug 06, 2017

    Gorgeous idea and I appreciate your patience and clarity of speech.

    Most DIY videos have loud, fast speaking directions.

    Your video was enjoyable.

    Thank you and give us more, you have great style.

  • Zane Redfern Zane Redfern on Aug 10, 2017

    I think a rustic sign would cute. Especially seasonal! A wooden or chalkboard sign!