Fireflies Caught in a Jar

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One of my favorite things to do was to catch fireflies. I loved doing this as a kid. Times have been tough lately so I'm trying to do more projects that make me happy, make me remember fun times. This easy and simple project reminds me of fireflies caught in a jar... without killing any bugs :)
Up close look at my "Jar of Fireflies"
I found this awesome, very old and large mason jar. I didn't want to paint it, drill holes in it, etc. but knew I had to do something with it.
I decided to turn it in to a light! I used a strand of lights I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond years ago, but never used. Some florist wire (I bought this at the Dollar Tree) and the jar.

I wrapped the wire around the light vines, because I needed some tension. The vines by themselves were just to flimsy. After wrapping the vines, I slowly added them in to the jar, twisting and turning the jar as they wound through.

The lights are powered by battery so the cord just comes out of the top of the jar (it's a very thin cord and remember, no drilling/cutting the glass so it just hangs out of the top)
On my bookshelf! The power switch/battery pack is hidden behind the stack of books. This was a super simple easy project and it brings me so much joy. I dedicate this to Juanita Long my grandmother, may you rest in peace sweet angel. (Apr 17, 1925 - Jan 7, 2017)
Suggested materials:
  • Mason Jar   (Garage Find)
  • Light Kit   (Bed Bath and Beyond)
  • Florist Wire   (Dollar Tree)
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