My First Fairy Garden!

This project was more fun than anything I've ever done! It took a lot of patience, time and a ton of hot glue, lol. It took some time shopping for an old metal coffee pot to turn into a fairy house. I'd almost given up on that idea, when I ran across this Italian coffee maker at a resale shop. I had no idea how expensive old metal coffee pots were. This one was just the right size and only $14.00. I saw a banana stand for a $1.00 and turned it into a tree for my sleeping fairy. The how to on it is on my post 'Fairy Garden Tree From A Banana Stand".
I bought moss, paper flowers, coffee beans and a wooden heart. I started with the heart door and glued it in place. I pulled sheet moss apart and glued it on around the coffee pot. I glued on other mosses, tucking it in around the heart and on the pot. I left little glimpses of the pot showing. I glued on a few beans, I don't know why. :) After all the moss I glued on the flowers with the coffee bean centers.
I pulled apart this thick moss into sections for the roof. I glued coffee beans around on the top to form the chimney.
I glued the coffee beans around the heart and added moss and a flower over the button. A black thumb tack became the door knob.
I used this metal tray I've had a long time, but rarely used to hold everything. I cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside and glued sheet moss and other mosses on it.
I built up the tray with more moss, moss covered Styrofoam rocks, flowers and a coffee bean path. That's what the inside of the fairies cups look like, I bought them from Factory Direct Crafts online.
I didn't know the first thing about fairy gardening, so I researched, clipped, pinned and read such great information online. I read somewhere, I don't remember where now, that most fairy gardeners agree, that you should include an element of surprise in your fairy garden. Did you find mine? I'll give you a hint, you can't soak your feet with shoes on. This was so much fun! I'm hooked!
I love these cuties!
The back side of the fairy garden. I'm going to clean off my sideboard and display my fairy garden in front of the mirror there.
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  • Don14625270 Don14625270 on Nov 11, 2016
    are you using any live plants.. i'm trying not to.

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