Golden Wreath

My daughter was getting rid of these pool noodles. So I had and idea. I cut them down to fit inside one another.
Then I had a lot of braid that was bought from a garage sale. I thought about using different colors but I didn't have silver or red so I just used the gold. You could also use fabric. Starting at one end just wrap and wrap and wrap the whole noodle . Keep it slightly over lapping. When you get to the end either glue or pin the end secure. Then I used a piece of molding I had, you could use a dowel, and cut three pieces about 3 inches long. Put glue in the end of the noodles. Then push the wood piece half way into the noodle end. Put glue on the other end and push the ends together and hold for a minute or so. I wrapped another piece of braid around this part and glue it to hold it better. Repeat for each noodle.
I plan to add some decorations to this . But you could just add a ribbon and hang it up.
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