Herb Wreath

15 Minutes
What do you do when you have an abundance of oregano? Make a wreath!
Oregano gone wild...and it's only June in upstate NY!
Oregano gone wild...and it's only June in upstate NY!
Bean vine wreaths made last fall, oregano, sl
I tied several sprigs of oregano together and tied them to the vine, starting at the bottom. Place successive bunches so they cover where the previous bunch was tied to the vine. Trim excess stems so they don't stick out.
FIrst wreath
Second wreath
Two finished wreaths.
This was a very easy project. I may add a bow or other embellishment to the tops, but these are the current finished product.
These smaller ones were made by winding the herbs together and again binding them together with the green twine. No base vine used.
A month later and the oregano is flowering. I think it makes a nice addition to the mini wreaths!
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