Hometalk Challenge: Upcycled Kleenex Into Unicorn Piñata

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3 Hours
The challenge this week was to repurpose a Kleenex box into something new and it seemed like the perfect thing to form a piñata around! Well, my oldest daughter turns 5 in a few weeks and a pinata would be perfect for her party. She's really into unicorns so I thought that would be a fun project.
Here are the 'ingredients' for this project: a Kleenex box, toilet paper rolls, hot dog papers left over from 4th of July, tissue paper left over from Christmas, fishing wire, and a bag of lollipops. I also used a large piece of foam that was a packing material for a delivery a few weeks ago. I hung onto it to use it in a craft. I think cardboard would have worked even better though. Additionally, there are the usual supplies: glue, scissors, ruler, etc.
I drew a horse shaped outline to go around my Kleenex box on the foam. I cut it out and used the first piece to draw and cut a second piece for the other side.
Then I took the kleenex box, filled it with candy, and sewed some cris-cross fishing wire through to keep it contained.
Then, glued the Kleenex box to the foam sides.
Next, I used my hot dog papers to form a shell around my horse body. They are light weight and will crumple nicely as the kids whack away at the piñata.
Next, I used tissue paper and cut it up into little pieces. Then I guess these chunks of tissue all over the piñata.
I took a toilet paper roll, cut it down and glued it into a cone shape. I wrapped it in gold tissue paper and glued it to my piñata to form the horn
Next I added my eye, hair for the mane, and hair for the tail. Eye was black marker on cardboard, hair was more gold tissue paper.
Finally, I gave the unicorn a trim and the project was completed. I hope my daughter thinks it's awesome when she sees it at her birthday party. What do you think?
Unicorn Piñata.
Suggested materials:
  • Kleenex box, candy, toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, clear fishing wire, styrofoam, glue, scissors   (All from random holiday left overs)
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  • Jane Jane on Jul 13, 2021

    How did it work as far as opening up when the kids hit it? Did it open easily or was it hard for the kids to break?

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