How to Naturally Restore a Butcher's Block

Thrifty Tip: Know the retail value of items you are looking to obtain. That way when you come across them at a thrift or antique store you know whether or not you are getting a "good deal".
The thrift stores and antique store in our local Leesburg, VA area are my favorite places to frequent. I find brand new clothing with tags, toys to entertain the boys, and you really never know what you might find. The boys and I call it, "treasure hunting". This week, we ventured into our local antique store and found this incredible butcher's block. I did a double take when the price tag said $29! There were plates stacked on top and I thought to myself, "there has to be something egregious wrong with it", but there wasn't. A few nicks and a minor stain is all I noticed. It looked to be in very good to excellent condition. A butcher's block of that size can easily sell for close to $200+ brand new.
How to clean and restore a butcher's block? First, take a very hot wet rag with some natural dish soap and scrub the surface thoroughly. Next, rinse the surface with hot water and pat dry. Take an all-natural vinegar-based cleaner and spray over the entire surface like Red's Gone Green all-purpose cleaner known as Clean Freak. Allow the vinegar-based cleaner to dry. Next, take your Organic Nutiva coconut oil and rub into the butcher's block with a clean/dry rag. After the coconut oil soaks in, you can take a cube of beeswax and gently wax the top. Buff to a sheen with a clean/dry rag. Repeat the same steps for the bottom of your butcher's block, except you can beeswax the bottom portion heavier to protect the surface that your butcher's block will be sitting on.

Tah-dah! I wish I had before and after photos, but I was way too giddy and excited! I wanted to get to work right away restoring this beauty that someone else erroneously valued at $29! That is why knowing the value of an item is so important. If the vendor had bothered to take 10 minutes to clean, protect, and shine this butcher's block she could have made $100+ more. Needless to say, I am glad she decided to take the lazy route! Stay tuned for more Eco-friendly reviews and giveaways...and more Eco living and lifestyle ideas! XO.
Step by step instructions on how to naturally restore a butcher's block!
Heather Paulding
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