How To Paint A Vintage Radio

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2 Hours

I love the shape and detail of vintage and vintage reproduction radios! I found one for less than $25 and swooped it up. The wood tone did not fit in so I decided paint it. *Use caution when plugging in and turning on vintage and second hand electronics.*

The first thing you'll need to do is clean your piece. A dry microfiber cloth should be sufficient.

You can use your preferred paint for this project. Since this is a wood piece I chose to use a paint plus primer to get the best coverage. If you use chalk paint you will not need a primer but may need more coats. You will need a large paint brush as well as a small paint brush to get in crevices.

(Optional) Be sure to tape off anything you do not want painted. I chose to tape off the knobs and front plates. If you do not tape them off and chose to paint them, use a dry brush technique to avoid drips.

Painting a radio may seem intimidating, but the bulk of it follows the same guidelines as any other piece you paint. Start off with one thin coat.

You may choose to leave the speakers unpainted. If you do choose to paint the speakers use a dry brush technique. A little paint goes a long way on fabric and you do not want the paint to leak inside of the radio. Your large brush should work just fine for this.

When your first coat is complete allow it to dry completely before moving onto your next coat.

The speakers should only require one dry brush coat. I thought I could get away with just two coats of paint on the base, but after the second coat it became apparent I would need a third. Again, allow coats to dry follow before moving onto the next.

Before the third coat dries completely be sure to remove your painters tape. Use your smaller brush to make touch ups as needed. Once the paint is fully dry you can move onto distressing and waxing if desired.

I love how a simple of paint can bring new life to old pieces. This piece is not only a statement piece, but can also be functional. Again, use caution when plugging in and turning on second hand electronics. Safety first my friends! I hope you loved this project and feel inspired to try it yourself.

Suggested materials:
  • Paint   (Wal-Mart)
  • Large Paintbrush   (Home Depot)
  • Small Paintbrush   (Michael's)
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  • Crystal Crystal on Jan 15, 2021

    In the finished picture did you use wax? The paint looks more antique than the white in the previous pictures. Thank you.

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