Memorial Mason Jar Lid Orniament

5 Materials
you will need canning jar lids with rings
hot glue
sturdy piece of plastic film, face of a box or plastic box , what ever you have
and stuff to decorate you photo frame
first use the solid part of the lid and draw a circle around your photo and the marker on the plastic and cut them out.
tack the plastic in the lid in the opening then your photo then your lid, but the white part up instead of down ( opposite ) of if you put it on a jar, and tack it in wit a few spots of glue, the string of glue clean easily with the plastic
spot glue the lace or ribbon, and glue the beads all the way around
glue a bead to the top with the holes side to side and add a small piece of craft wire as a hanger
this is my father and myself when I was a LOT younger, you can do these as a family tree using a family photo then individual photos of each person or each kid do a family of spouse and kids the 1 of each person these make great gifts, I had thought Paint a Tree on the wall and use little hooks for a family tree.
Suggested materials:
  • Glue   (wal-mart)
  • Jar lid and ring   (wal-mart)
  • String beads and a regular bead   (had on hand)
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