How to Make a Patriotic Floral Wreath

10 Materials
15 Minutes
Since Memorial Day and the 4th of July will be coming soon, I decided to make a patriotic wreath for my front door. I picked up some flowers from the Dollar Tree and re-used a grapevine wreath I already had. I made a bow from some ribbon I bought last year which also has Red, White and Blue chevrons. I must say that I love the way this project came out.
Using my wire cutters, I cut down all of my flowers to about 4 inches in the stem. I used blue and white roses, white hydrangeas, and red zinnias. I got all of them from the Dollar Tree.
I put my grapevine wreath up on a hanger on an interior door to make it easier to put on the flowers.
I start out with putting in my largest flowers first, alternating blue and red.
I filled in the wreath like the hands-on a clock, placed some of them at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and finally 9 o'clock.
I then starting filling in the gaps with white roses.
I applied my hand made bow to the left side using floral wire and continued inserting my white flowers in the open spaces.
This is the finished patriotic wreath and I love it! I'm going to place this on my front door!
Suggested materials:
  • White roses   (Dollar tree)
  • Blue roses   (Dollar tree)
  • Red zinnias   (Dollar tree)
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