Patriotic Mason Jar Luminary

Just a little something to use when we are gathered to celebrate Memorial Day. I made several of these to put on our deck.
Red, white and blue star luminary made with a mason jar.
I used a quart sized mason jar with star stickers and acrylic paints. I used the tape to separate the 3 sections to paint. Applied the stars around the area and then painted the jar.
Red paint first. It took several coats to get coverage. I used the acrylic paint for the brushed look and transparency.
I turned the jar over and painted the blue. After the red and blue dried I removed the stickers and prepared the middle section for the white paint.
I applied the stickers to the middle section and painted over the section with the white paint. Now all I had to do was let it dry completely. I placed the candle inside and it is ready to light.
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