Placement of Garden gnomes

Here is a small tip to place Garden Gnomes inside the house for those who don't have a fancy garden.Check out my blog for more details.
Have one on a coffee tray along with your daily newspaper and coffee mug.This could gift you or your guest a smile the first thing in the morning.
This ho ho grandpa is quite hardworking and holds my little coins on the entryway.Ideal for a quick grab before you leave for shopping.
Frogs don't belong inside.Yet its hard to say no this cute one.!No harm in leaving him with some indoor plants isn't it??
There is always a special place for the favorites.These sitting gnomes are so colorful and charming that I got some Halloween pumpkins to make them more comfortable.!
Here are some Go green fellows that go perfectly well next to an empty wine bottle on your window sill.If its snowing outside,even better!
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  • Sharika Varma Sharika Varma on Feb 08, 2014
    Thank you so much @Linda and @Jeanette S . @Linda : I collected mine from various homestyle shops across Germany. Thank you for the information on shops. Would definitely take a look when I visit US. Gnomes rule! :)

  • Julie Rainwater Julie Rainwater on May 12, 2014
    I love Gnomes. I have several inside and outside in my flower beds. I put a clear finish on the ones outside to help protect the paint from the sun.