Plywood Photo Frame for Instagram Pictures

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Great gift idea for the Instagram obsessed family member
How adorable is little Kermit in his denim shirt!! This picture of him always reminds me of one of those employee photo's on a keycard, what job do you think he has? IT specialist? Accountant? :)

I wanted to make a photo frame for my Instagram shots, a sort of wooden polaroid and came up with this. A rectangular piece of timber hold up by a dowel. It's all made out of scrap pieces I had left over so it didn't cost me anything to make, even better! This photo frame would make a great handmade Christmas present for the Instagram fanatic in your life. The frame takes around 40 minutes to make so you can make a whole lot of them! Have a look at my tutorial video.
You need a piece of timber 15x18 cm, a dowel piece of 14cm, a coping or fret saw, a drill, sand paper, some washi tape and a photo printed to 10x10cm. You can of course make a larger or smaller frame just make sure the photo square is always 1 cm smaller then your photo. I made this frame from a left over piece of plywood from my kitchen build, you can use any timber you have. Maybe you have a floor board left over or a piece of chip board? An old cupboard door will work nicely as well. Have no timber left in your shed? Just purchase a 15cm wide plank from your local DIY store.
Suggested materials:
  • Plywood
  • Instagram photo
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