Can we make this work above our mantle?


My husband and I bought this painting because both the theme and the color scheme go well with the rest of the room. When we got it home we discovered that it was much larger than we thought. Should we just let go and return it or can it work? The ceiling has a nice rise which I thought might work in its favor but still feel very unsure. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

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  • Jcraw Jcraw on Jan 14, 2017
    I don't love it, but if You do, think about candlesticks. Tall. Two of which, with candles, would be at the height of the waters edge. the other two shorter. With candles, height the middle of the top half of windows. Skinny, obviously. If youre handy or clever, they could be made with simple round dowels from Home Depot. Or see photo for Crate and Barrel easy alternative. That way you could buy and return if they're too short or you just hate it.
    They will be an elegant and logical way to bring the eye up.

  • Coolfurniturelady Coolfurniturelady on Jan 14, 2017
    Love the painting, but it needs to be seen at eye level. Is there another wall space that is wide enough for it to be mounted at eye level? You can mount on a door, as well. Then accessorize the mantle with objects and/or a horizontal mirror, but don't go above the tops of the adjacent windows. Could it be turned sideways?

  • B Vasel B Vasel on Jan 14, 2017
    Sadly, I'd return it - unless you have another large wall that it would fit. You might go on-line and see if you can find this picture in a smaller size! Good luck!

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Jan 14, 2017
    It is a great painting, maybe you could put it elsewhere? IMHO, I think a horizontal one would suit the space better, since it is a little high (to me it removes the focus from the arched window).
    I can relate. I always buy things that are too big from big box stores or Costco and when I get home they are huge in my little

  • Ann Ann on Jan 14, 2017
    I don't think it will work centered on the mantle. Try it on the left end of the mantle (where there is a little more wall height) with one of the tall green bottles or something similar on the other end. This will fill the space and may work. I would also prop the painting on the mantle rather than hanging it, you will still need to hang it on the wall to secure it. Let us know what you decide.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 15, 2017
    I like it, you can accessorize in front of it to tie it all in. This way, it's almost like a mural painted directly on the wall. You can use candlesticks, a basket,ect...

  • Suzana Suzana on Jan 15, 2017
    Maybe you could hang it over the mantle horizontally? I mean it looks abstract enough and it could work.

  • Jan Culwell Jan Culwell on Jan 15, 2017
    try it on the floor, covering the actual fireplace, flanked by bottles and/or plants. Move vignette aside when using fireplace for heat.

  • Kcama Kcama on Jan 15, 2017
    If you really love the style and colors, it looks abstract enough to recreate yourself in a shape that better fits your mantle (worth a try, some simple paints and sponges). Think of how proud you'll be to have your own painting above the mantle.

  • Sla12960657 Sla12960657 on Jan 15, 2017
    Try making it a gallery wall, with other pieces on each side that work with it and which will give it a balanced cohesive look.

  • Lindy Lindy on Jan 15, 2017
    I do like the painting as well, but sadly too large for the area in my opinion. I don't think I would like it turned on it's side as well. Perhaps if you measured it and found something similar with a wider horizontal length rather than vertical you wouldn't have to fight to get it too work for you. I've made the mistake of loving something that really didn't work, keeping it, then hating it because it, well, never worked in the beginning. I've been looking for something to work for over a year for these very seem reasons, hating what's up there now. Good luck!

  • Diane Diane on Jan 15, 2017
    I say keep it! If you truly love it, you can make it work...I did😀

  • V Valencia V Valencia on Jan 15, 2017
    Unfortunately, I think it is the wrong proportion for the space. Look for something that is no larger than the black space on the fireplace.

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Jan 15, 2017
    I like it too, I would take the bottles on the left floor and put one on each side to balance it. You can always add more if you need to on the walls, mantle etc.

  • Tdw17512915 Tdw17512915 on Jan 15, 2017
    Thank you Lindy! That's the conclusion I came to as well. I can't force it and will only learn to hate it! Thank you for taking the time to answer.

  • Ginger Ginger on Jan 15, 2017
    Tilt it out from the top and it will be perfect! Draped will make it all tie in.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jan 15, 2017
    Yes you can have it over the mantle I hate when people place something that is to small. This looks great in room and when you are facing the sofa with fire going then you can truly enjoy it. Plus it has colors that you can pull out to add pillows or throws. Personally I would not place anything else on that wall that fireplace is a focal point so you don't want it cluttered upon mantle or either side of art work. That in itself is a complete focal point it should inspire rest of the room. Wall color is perfect.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jan 15, 2017
    Oops I would move green glass and plant from that area. I don't see green on art work,if there is green then choose one style of vases or bottles. I love the vases the roundness and size of the three add a good contrast to the square and rectangle of that wall and if green in painting then I would place plant by arched window and vases at lefts idea of fireplace to format a triangular space. I wouldn't stick in corner just at base on hearth or a little over if you use fireplace often. Try it and see if you can feel comfortable with this balance. If you're getting blinds go with the wooden ones that are larger to complete the look. It's a beautiful space.

  • Tdw17512915 Tdw17512915 on Jan 15, 2017
    Thank you all for the helpful suggestions! We'll work on it and let you know what we decide. We cannot turn it sideways because, to us, it is an ocean scene with a horizon line. We chose it to compliment our informal ocean lava table from Italy which is at the opposite end of the room. We may just decide to put it on the left wall.

  • Leisa Yeager Leisa Yeager on Jan 15, 2017
    I like your idea of putting it on the left wall closer to your ocean table they compliment each you have a clean slate to put over the fire place....

  • Judy Judy on Jan 15, 2017
    I, too, like your idea of putting the picture on the left wall. You might hang a large wreath with shells and pieces of driftwood and/or coral, etc. (I'm not creative) over the fireplace to tie in the ocean theme. Your home is beautiful and the table is marvelously unique! Good find!

  • Inetia Inetia on Jan 16, 2017
    It's not proportionate to the space ( wrong shape) and it's too close to the ceiling. If you can crop the picture without loosing the effect that caught your eye in the first place, it could be reframed to the proportion you need.

  • Karla Karla on Jan 16, 2017
    Turn the picture sideways and hang it up on the wall!

    • Celia Whitehead Celia Whitehead on Jan 16, 2017

      They can't hang it on it's side it is an ocean scene, that was mentioned in a previous comment..

  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Jan 16, 2017
    It's a nice picture but to me it's too big for above your mantle. My eyes would always to right to the picture and it would drive me crazy. I would return it. Measure the area and figure out what the largest and smallest size picture would work for you. carry the measurements in your purse that way if you see something you like you'll know if it will work .

  • Karla Karla on Jan 16, 2017
    I didn't see that comment... but I can't tell it is an ocean scene.

  • Sharon Marie Doughty Sharon Marie Doughty on Jan 16, 2017
    Beautiful painting but much to high , no balance , would be much better if the painting was longer ! A large beautiful clock would look nice as well!

  • Mary Gemmell Mary Gemmell on Jan 16, 2017
    I think that a round piece, artwork, clock,etc would be good above the fireplace

  • Tdw17512915 Tdw17512915 on Jan 16, 2017
    Thank you again for all the helpful comments and suggestions! We are considering a round mirror.

  • Lindcurt Lindcurt on Jan 16, 2017
    It might be a bit radical to rebuild the hearth. The hearth it self does not give me the coastal feel. Some natural stone or earthy tiles instead of the "Great White Hearth" would bring the coastal theme to the room and give the beloved picture room to flow. The picture to me is not too big - it's the hearth that's too big.

    • Lindy Lindy on Jan 18, 2017
      good catch and wow you are SO right on that observation

  • CecileH CecileH on Jan 17, 2017
    I was going to say the same as Lindcurt, if you can pop the top portion off of the mantel you may be able to lower it to the window centre height giving you space at the ceiling you are needing to make it look in proportion to the the rest of the room!

  • Dix17428875 Dix17428875 on Jan 17, 2017
    I like it..put something tall in the left corner It will place the picture in propor representation to the Room

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Jan 18, 2017
    I don't think it looks bad. From what I can see of the picture, it is very nice. Have you tried searching online for the same pic, just a bit smaller? If the store where you bought it has a lengthy return policy, keep it like it is for a while and see if you & hubby still like it. Is there another space you would want to place it? Perhaps over your bed (assuming the color scheme works and you don't have a tall headboard)!!! Good luck!

  • Pam Pam on Jan 18, 2017
    It is too large for the space. If you love it find another spot. With all the light coming in a mirror would be perfect.

    • Wendyrama Wendyrama on Jan 19, 2017
      With all the light coming in, thankfully, one doesn't need a mirror and can display art without forfeiting light.

  • Mary Mary on Jan 18, 2017
    The thing I notice first is, it doesn't blend. Tends to stand out. Try and put tall topiaries' on each side, with rounded tops to go with the window. If that's where you want the beautiful picture make it work. If it is not a collectable or terribly expensive cut it down a little and reframe it.

  • Marly Marly on Jan 18, 2017
    Just a thought, but have you thought about turning it the other way?

  • Joanie Joanie on Jan 19, 2017
    Mach: My thought exactly, because I can't figure out the painting, what is it?

  • Betty Fromal Betty Fromal on Jan 19, 2017
    If you really love, love the picture maybe you can turn it horizontal over the fireplace.

  • Wendyrama Wendyrama on Jan 19, 2017
    Many are suggesting flipping it horizontally. As I look at the piece, what if you flip it around with the white strip on the bottom.?

    Visually, that may melt the white bottom into the white of the mantle creating space around the piece, rather than it looking wedged in, as it appears now. Plus, the black strip, now sitting at the top, will mimic the black in the windows, creating a cohesive look. Worth a flip , no?

  • Wendyrama Wendyrama on Jan 19, 2017
    I'd also remove the the vessels now on your table and use them elsewhere, move the two tall ones to the opposite corner of the fireplace on the floor.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 25, 2017
    Does not suit the space. Flipping it won't work due to the composition. I'd hang it on a bare wall so nothing is competing with it - maybe a foyer or entrance wall.

  • Reblcant Reblcant on Jan 25, 2017
    The question is the size of the Painting. It is too tall for the space. If you love it, would it work on the wall to the left where you have the tree? Take the tree and place in opposite corner. A smaller sized painting would be best for the fireplace. beautiful painting

  • Ella Faulk Wiley Ella Faulk Wiley on Jan 26, 2017
    I love the size of the photo and I believe it grounds the space. You should try turning it with the white color on the bottom. The size is a a good fit being that you have large tall windows in the room.

  • Cheryll Cheryll on Jan 26, 2017
    I love the painting and everything about it. The height works because of your beautiful tall window to the right. I envision a slender vertical mirror on each side of the painting...the mirrors in thin frames the same color as the mantle and window trim. Naturally, this will also bring more light into the room.

  • Reblcant Reblcant on Jan 31, 2017
    The painting CANNOT be turned, it's a landscape painting of the ocean!

  • Joanie Joanie on Feb 01, 2017
    Rebicant: It is too large for the area!!

  • Sharon Marie Doughty Sharon Marie Doughty on Feb 02, 2017
    Still think that wall art or a large wall clock , your painting is beautiful but not suitable for over your mantal

  • Claude Claude on Feb 02, 2017
    Can you hang it centered over the double windows from a wire?

    • Claude Claude on Feb 02, 2017
      The windows are narrow by comparison and the rectangle frame is too large for the mantle. A landscape shape of a painting may work better over the fireplace. Try shapes cut out of cardboard to see which looks best. Even a circular picture might soften up all the rectangles?

  • Don Don on Feb 06, 2017
    Try flipping, try to get a little bit smaller one it is just a bit too large for the space and I'm think a foot at most.

  • You could totally keep a painting this size if you like it. I'd move it over to the side and don't hang it, just lean it on the mantel. Then add some other accessories on the other side, graduated larger items next to the painting, down to smaller to give it scale.