Rustic Coastal Candle Chandelier

7 Materials
2 Hours
I wanted to create a one of a kind rustic coastal outdoor chandelier. It needed to make a statement and be portable.
This piece of wood was the bottom of a pallet. It was already cut like this. I sanded it and drilled 5 holes large enough for my rope and chain to fit through.(where you see the arrows) I used a light coat of classic gray stain and dry brushed white paint in areas while the stain was still wet.
Next I strung the rope through the first, middle and end holes wrapping the rope as I went along, and tied each end in a knot. (I used electrical tape on the ends of the rope to prevent fraying)
Then I took the chain and put it through the second and 4th holes. It was a real tight fit. I used a tack hammer to force it through the holes. I let two links hang through, using one link to securely attach it to the wood.
I had an antique brass W and E weather vane part, and a S and E that I think is just iron. They don't match, but It didn't matter to me. I used a 13 1/2" metal dowel, threaded at one end I had from a wood cable spool to attach the two pieces together. I first put a large washer on the bottom, put the two pieces on, then more washers. When it was all assembled, I put it through the middle hole and used a large washer, wing nut and self locking nut to secure the whole piece on. It sways a little, but not enough to hit the lanterns. As a side note, you can get these types of dowels at any hardware store for a couple dollars.
I bought the lanterns at Lowe's on sale last fall. I think they were $8 each. They were all black, so I used gold and pewter rub and buff to give them a nice patina. With a hot glue gun, I attached twine to the doors of each lantern. To finish the piece. I used a large ceramic shell medallion I found at a thrift store for decoration and to give this piece a "rustic coastal" feel. I think I paid $1.99 for it. I also found the chain at a thrift store for $1.00 !! You can buy rope at Lowe's for around $6-8, and you'll have plenty left over for other projects!
So there you have it! A beautiful, portable rustic coastal chandelier! Just add candles. It only took a couple hours to make and most of that time was waiting for the stain to dry!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 piece of wood from a pallet (mine was 48")   (Behind a store (Free) I asked first!)
  • 2 large outdoor lanterns   (Lowe's $16 for both)
  • Chain   (Thrift store $1)
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