Sea Glass + Drift Wood Wind Chime From Vacation Mementos

4 Materials
1.5 Hours
Have some vacation treasures laying around? Make this simple wind chime with some sea glass and drift wood.

-A piece of Driftwood

-Sea Glass Pieces

-Floral Wire

-Wire Cutters

-2 Screw Eyes

STEP 1: Situate your pieces of sea glass under your driftwood making the pattern of your choice.
STEP 2: Take a piece of floral wire and wrap it around the driftwood making sure it is secured tightly by twisting it tightly
STEP 3: Take a ruler and measure the length of one of the sea glass strands. Be sure to add 2" per piece of sea glass in that row and cut the floral wire.
STEP 4: Tie each piece of sea glass onto the wire by wrapping it several times and twisting it in place. *This can take some patience, as the glass likes to try and escape, but if you get too frustrated just take a little break and come back to it.
STEP 5: Take your screw eyes and screw them into the opposite ends of the driftwood
STEP 6: Take your twine and cut a long strand. Fold your strand in half and make a loop halfway down and feed it through one of the screw eyes. Pull the rest of the strand through the loop so that it secures itself around the screw eye.
STEP 7: Pull the raw end of the strands through the opposite screw eye and tie it in a knot.
STEP 8: Cut any tail ends from the knot.
STEP 9: Hang it where the wind blows and enjoy the tinkering noises. *I only used pieces of sea glass I found on a trip in Puerto Rico, but if you want it to make more noise I would suggest adding more than 3 strands and loads of sea glass bits. Perhaps I will add to it as I travel more!
Suggested materials:
  • Sea Glass
  • Driftwood
  • Floral Wire   (Michaels)
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