Check Out How I Upcycle These Vases I Got From a Charity Shop

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I brought some vases from a charity shop that were a bargain. I decided I wanted to upcycle them to match our bedroom. This is what I came up with. What I did was simple but I really love it and hope everyone else does.

Before …

This is how they looked like before . Even though they look pretty how they were I wanted them to match my silver theme in my bedroom so decided to give them a makeover.

I found this rope lying around the house that I decided to use to decorate. You could get some rope like this off eBay or from a garden shop.

I wrapped it around the gold section, using a hot glue gun to stick it down with. I did this till the gold section was covered. Make sure you put something down when using a hot glue gun.

This is what they looked like after. You could keep them like that but I decided I wanted to spray paint the rope silver.

I put some masking tape around the rope before spray painting to avoid getting the paint all over the vase.

The is the brand I decided to use. I really like the coverage of this as I only need to do two layers to get maximum colour. Remember to always spray paint outside or in a well ventilated area.


Lastly, I added some water and floating candles to finish the look off. I’m really pleased with the end result and hope people have ago at making them, them selves.

Improving this diy…

I brought these candle holders from a charity shop and thought they would go perfectly with the vases I decorated.

I decided I was going to glue the candle holders to the bottom of the vases to give them some height and make them look a bit more impressive. This is the glue I use to hold heavy objects together such as glass and ceramic. You can get it from Amazon.

This is how they looked after I glued the candle holders on the bottom of the vases. I left the vases a few hours for the glue to harden and bond.

I brought some faux carnations from a dollar store and put them at the bottom of the vases.

Lastly, I added some glass pebbles and also put them at the bottom to finish the look off.


I’m so pleased I made the decision to improve this diy and make them even better. I love the finished look. They look so pretty and vibrant.

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Suggested materials:

  • Rope   (Dollar store or Garden shop)
  • Spray paint   (Amazon)
  • Masking tape   (Dollar store)

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